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    a couple weekens ago me my wife and one of my daughters went to pickwick to camp and fish under the damn we got skunked no fishes i did go into the cubby hole by the gates and tryed i use billdance quantam bait casters from bass pro shop 60.00 each good rigg any way i was bouncing off the bottom like phil king showed me and pow what a hit the first thing i thought was i got hung up but the boat wasnt moving so i pulled and it pulled back so about 10 minutes later snapp the poll brakes now im trying to fight the fish in with a half a poll my daughter tryes to grabb the line to help that didnt work about 15 minutes later the line snapps the only poll i kept in the boat for an extra was this one i didnt adjust the dragg i wonder what could have done this :crazy:
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    Richard we call it "one big fish" I have hooked into some big fish below the dam there, but have yet had a rod break. I bet it got your blood flowing sounds like a lot of fun and sorry to hear about the rod

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    Richard a neat story. Re group and go back and catch that fish. Could be a PB.
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    that reminds me of a time I was fishing below the picwic damn about 15 years ago. Me and some buddies of mine had these big lead spoonlike plugs with treble hooks on them snagging. We were on that wall with the railing right by the first boil. The water was real high and we were dropping these spoons straight down to the bottom next to the wall and then reeling up a few feet and jerking up over and over. I remember pulling into something that felt like a hangup but then it bolted out toward the current. Being a young'n and a novice I did'nt know anything about playing a fish and my drag was locked down tight. I remember wrapping my forearm around the bottom of the rod and reel and gripping the handle as tight as I could and just trying to hold on. That fish kept going and did'nt turn back. My line stretched and stretched cutting into my skin and eventually snapped. That was no doubt the biggest fish I ever lost.

    Anyway Richard if I had to guess I'd say it might have been a giant Blue Cat or Paddlefish both get above 100 lbs.
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    I'd call that one "The big'un!"
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    musta been one o them volkswagon size cats they talk about being down by the dam