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I was wondering what your choice of broadhead is? Do you shoot fixed or mechanical broadheads. Your brand preference. I shoot the old standby NAP Thunderheads 100 grain. They are OK but have been pondering whether to go to a mechanical that are suppose to fly more like the field tips. There also some really short fixed broadheads that have come out. What do you like and why.
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Muzzy 100 grain thats all I shoot. Cant go wrong with Muzzys Ive seen them go through a deers skull at about 40 yards. Sounded like a gun shot when it hit the deer and the tip was all that was sticking out. After processing the deer the broad head was still in good shape.
I have always used exandles on deer/bear 100 grain 3 blade I noticed they fly better with carbons, but I am going after a pig soon, so like SSG Johnson I am making a switch to muzzy's. They are a stifer broadhead and for thick skinned animals like a boar, I want to ensure that I get good penatration. I used to shoot satellite 100 grain fixed blade and those worked quite well on aluminum's, almost always a solid passthrough shot on deer and bear. The expandables on the other hand the few animals I killed with them never made a clean passthrough. Great killing power, but I worry a little about the penatration, I like my arrows to go clean in and out behind the shoulder or if I mess up a cleean miss will do fine. :D

I stay with the NAP Thunderheads 100 grains. They fly great and never had a problem. If it ain't broke don't fix it.
100 grain Thunderheads have worked well for me for several years. Prior to that I always shot Bear Razorheads.
I'll be using slick Tricks this season, they are a "mini" broadhead but have an 1 1/8th cut. In the pictures I have a 4 blade 100gr. Slick Trick next to a 115gr. 4 bladed Muzzy. They are small but have the same cutting diameter as the Muzzy, and their blades are .035 SS compared to .020 SS on the muzzy. So far they've hit right where my field point(on that arrow) hit. A buddy of mine used these last year to haverst several deer and hogs, he got pass thru's on all animals but one, spine shot a hog(it dropped in it's tracks). All animals were taken with a 50# compound. I hope to have a up close and personal report before the end of archery season.
I thought you'd be down south by now Charlie. When are you leaving?
Calvin, I'm hereby under the direct command of FEMA :rolleyes:

When they say their ready for us I'll get 12 hours notice and then be gone for fourteen days.

When..........your guess is just as good as mine!!
I use Terminators three blade fixed. I have neve used mac heads and never will as I have heard to many stories of them not opening on game. The ones I use fly well and make for a good blood trail. It ant broke so I ant fixin it. :)
I have used and killed deer with just about every type head on the market. and muzzy is the way to go. I shoot a pearson spoiler at 63 lbs with 30 in carbon express arrows with a 90 grn muzzy 4 blade. last year i shot a doe at 35 yds and passed through her far shoulder blade. the only damage to the broadhead was a slightly bent blade. I replaced the set and shot another doe two weeks later with the same arrow. I will not hunt with another broadhead.
Thanks for everyone's reply's. I just don't seem to get consistant groups with my broadheads. I have them tuned, but never really been happy with the way they fly compared to my field tips. I don't want to take a 30 yard shot and be making a donation to the "coyote restoration program".
Have you spun your arrow to make sure the broadhead is mounted perfectly straight? Have you calculated your Foward of Center to be sure your broadhead isn't being "pushed", if you shot 2 with field points and the other with broadheads, do you have 2 well defined groups or are all arrows grouped as one but everything is scattered within that group.
The first grouping would identify tuning issues, the second would be the person behind the stick!!
i personally like my 100 grain spitfires there mechanical without the rubber band with 3 blades to open up to 1 1/2 inches of cutting diameter... after cleaning your deer just clean out the flesh off it and screw it on another arrow...
I've stuck with Rocky Mountain heads for a while but you can't beat the Muzzy for a solid head. I used Zywicky (spelling incorrect for sure) primative glue-on head when I first got started. No doubt a bad a$$ head but Very high maintenance and real tough to get on the shaft straight. Pick something that you like and is popular (so it will be around next year and the next...). You can (sometimes with a little help) tune anything. Pick your equipment, tune it and learn to trust it and it will work for you. Most of all, either read about how to match equipment (head weight, arrow type and size, bow draw weight....) or get a reputable Pro Shop to help you along the way. The big name stores likely don't have the Bow Pros, they have Salesmen. Go with the Pro. The extra $ you spend may be worth it in the long run.
Never shot a deer with a Muzzy I did not find.

Once killed a doe, I shot here quartering away. Shot was off a little and I hit her in the hind 1/4 and passed all the way through the opposite shoulder. Crushing bone all the way. The braodhead was just sticking out the other side. She went about 25 yards.
Muzzy 100 grain 4 blades for me, really like em a lot. Those slick tricks look pretty interesting though.
I started useing the G5 Tekan 2 Expandable Broadhead. So far I really like them. I only shot one deer with them so far. But they did it's job. I still like my ol trusty thunderhead 100's though. As far as broadheads go there just like fishing hooks. They all work long as you hit your mark.
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