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  1. Chalk

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    Union, South Carolina
    I fish a section of the Broad River called Neal Shoals in Union SC. There is a damn on each end of this section about maybe 3 or 4 miles apart if I was guessing so this is all the area you can fish. I have never seen or heard of any Big Cats coming from down here but I do know this is the same river that feeds Parr and Monticello and I know there are some nice cats in those bodies of water. My question is do you think there could be some big Cats in this area of River. I do not know of anyone fishing for them down here but I have caught Channels around 3lbs here before. There are some nice bends and log jams and a few deeper areas near the damn and should be good cat environment but just not sure if they are any Big ones there. Could anyone that is familiar with the area help or anyone just offer up some advice.

  2. RiverratSC

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    Gaffney, SC
    I fish up stream for there. Channel cats and bullhead are the only that far up because nothing can get passed the dam at Lockhart. I've seen channel cats over 15 pounds in the Cherokee County area of Broad River.

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    Rock Hill, SC
    I have caught some big channels at neal sholes, but no blues. I have caught some big blues in broad river behind parr down from the double bridges.