Broad and Congaree Rivers

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  1. cliff n york

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    south carolina
    im looking at a map of the junction of these to rivers and and need to find any boat ramps are close by, also have you fished this area, cliff
  2. blackwaterkatz

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    Andrews, SC
    Cliff, I'm not sure about landings in that area. There are a lot of boulders there, and a low falls dam just upstream a little. There may be a landing on the Saluda near there. There is Barney Jordan landing on the east side of the congaree in Columbia near the state fairgrounds, but I don't know what it involves to navigate upriver; definitely shallow draft, though.

  3. Indigo Flats

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    The only landing is the Barney Jordan landing (Richland Country) at the end of Rosewood drive near Williams Brice stadium and the fair ground. You can go upstream but not very far (you'll see the rocks at the rail road tressels) You can't get to the confluence of the Broad and the Saluda because of the rocks in the Congaree. Most everyone goes downstream to fish for the strippers. There are some landings on the Saluda but well upstream of the confluence with the Broad to form the Congaree.