Brisket Oven Cooked

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    Was thinking about some brisket today, so I thought I would post the way I fix it.

    1 brisket with fat on
    1 oven bag
    1 stick butter
    garlic powder
    crushed red pepper flakes

    I never use the trim brisket, because I like to make a brown gravy out of the juices and water that are left over, and the fat give it a better flavor.

    Wash the brisket in cold water. Make 3 slices lenght wise in the brisket about 3/4 inch deep. Cut butter into small slices and fill the cuts, this will make the meat really tender. Salt and peppercorns (Rough crushed) to the brisket to taste. Sprinkle garlic powder on the top, and add crushed red pepper flakes to taste. Place brisket in oven bag, slice up onion and add to bag. I add enough water to come up about 1/3-1/4 of the way up on the brisket. Time will vary on the size of the brisket, so about 1 hour before brisket is done peel and chop up carrots and potatoes and add to the bag.

    *Oven bags needs about 3 slits in the top about 1 inch long.

    Brown Gravy

    Take the drippings and water from the bag (to include the onions), and place in a sauce pan, add 1 1/2 cup water and bring to a boil. In a cup mix 1/4 cup flour to 1/2 cup COLD water, use a whisk and stir till there is not lumps. When water in the pan begins to boil, add flour/water mixture and reduce heat, stir constantly until it thickens.