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    Last Spring while night fishing in Lake Wylie SC, I was darn near run over by a 20+ Ft cruiser running at high speed who never saw me till the last minute when he swerved away. His wake swamped over the rear of my pontoon and he never slowed down. Given the cold water and probable injury if I was hit, there's a good chance I would have been killed. Yes, my stern light was on as required by law. Heck I was even fishing under 2 50 watt lights. Since that time, I've been wondering how I could have been more visible to this idiot. I've inquired into some strobes but found they are forbidden under Coast Guard and DNR regs. I'm now looking at high intensity spotlights. I've seen some that are 1 million, 3 million, up to 10 million candlepower. I'm just wondering if I get what I pay for if I spend the extra cash getting a 10 million. So I appeal to my BOC brothers.....give me some reviews and recommendations on spotlights, brands, candlepower, lumens, etc. I want the highest power I can find. I never again want to be in the position I was in last Spring. Thanks
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    You may want to go back and read the USCG regs and your states laws before you invest too much. It is supposedly a no-no to run a boat with headlights as they don't let the red/green running lights shine the distance they are required - sort of like the strobe lights. My understanding, although I haven't been able to find it in quite a while, is that you can only use spot lights when you are going to ramp the boat, or for brief periods while underway. You are not supposed to leave a spot light on permanently as it may blind other boaters, causing an accident. Let your conscience be your guide, and keep the golden rule in mind.

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    Anchor and running lights are for your protection.It ain;t going to help with that fool running at such a high speed that they need a spotlight.Running with a very bright light often overpowers the legal lights of anchored boaters and you might not see them.Spotlighting boats under power endangers everyones lives.If a 10 ft john boat with no lights is a danger to you,you have created this danger with excess speed.There are many smaller legal things on the water that require no lights.Anchor lights are necessary because of the fast dangerous fools on the water.Boats lights were not needed for protection or required till fools in fast power boats started running over everything.I love you Brothers and Sisters.peewee
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    Have you thought of the possibility that it was a jack a$$ in the boat that did it on purpose? There are those out there that get a kick out doing things like that even at the risk of themselves, and others. In clear conditions the anchor light can be seen very vividly for quite some distance. Not to mention the 2 50w bulbs.
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    Don't think he is wanting to run the spotlight all the time. Probably just wants it to shine at the idiots that are powering towards his anchored boat. I have a 20 million candlepower spot. It has two bulbs that resemble european style headlight bulbs. You can switch the bulbs on separately or simultaneously. It has a rechargeable 12 volt battery in it. Even has a small LED light built into the handle. Also has a 12 volt power outlet you can charge your phone from. And yes it is bright enough to reach out and grab someones attention. It is a Vector Sport Spot 20 million power series. I think I gave some where around $60 or $70 for it.