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Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by Boomer, Jan 15, 2010.

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    Today, I was gutting a house that was fire damaged to rebuild and rent out. While I was working I started thinking about why I even try to make a good living for my family. I am not rich, I just work hard, like the rest of the people on this board. I probably will be posting on this in HI, but it really gets under my skin.

    I work in Afghanistan, my first 97,000 is tax free, everything after that is taxable. Let me tell you about the taxable part..... I dont follow a "taxable table", I follow a formula that takes that 97,000 and throws it right out the window....I paid in over 40,000 in taxes last year, and with a failed business, 4 dependants I got back 1,000 dollars? Break down on taxes per each dollar:

    1. IRS 23% for most of us leaves me 77 cents
    2. State: 7.5% leaves me 69 1/2 cents
    3. City: 10% leaves me 59 1/2 cents
    4. Gas: 11% leaves me 48 1/2 cents
    5. Paying Fat Cats Bonus' leaves me ?
    6. Paying for Health Care leaves me ?
    7. Paying into SSI 6.5% leaves me 42 cents

    We could be owing money to work by now....

    Wouldnt I be better off as an illegal? I get free medical, free housing, schooling, and free food and things that we really dont know about, someone to really represent me in Congress?
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    I hear ya brother and I totally agree. Things are in a sad state of affairs. I think, and have felt for some time now, the dollar is being deliberately devalued by monetizing it, that is by printing tremendous amounts of money in an effort to make each dollar worth less. Did you know that in the last year the amount of dollars in circulation has more than doubled? And yet the printing presses are going full bore. All this plus deficit spending, the huge national debt, etc. It is taking the incentive away from trying to get ahead or to just stay even. When people begin to think, "why bother?" capitalism as we know it may cease to exist. By imploding our economy and our currency, it makes it easier to start in a new direction and the way it appears to me to be headed is socialism.


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    I feel your pain.... I am a union laborer and when we HAVE to work Saturday and Sunday they kill us in taxes. Some weeks I pay $1000.00 in taxes which is over half my earnings!
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    Boomer its sad but true. You would be better off as an illeagle.
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    Dam,I'd just like to make 97,000 a year :laugh1: