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  1. Poppa

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    Pinson, Al
    I think most catfisherman have the same problem. That is breaking off
    your rig when you are hopelessly hung up. With the heavy line and leader
    its real tough sometimes trying to break off. I don't like to put excess pull
    on my rod, reel, or drag. I used to rap my line around my boat paddle
    but this is a pain sometimes, because the paddle is always out of reach
    when you need it. What I did was cut off a 18" piece of an old sledge
    hammer handle. I made mine a little shorter than my tackle bag, I keep
    it in the bottom of my tackle bag so I can keep up with it. You pull your
    line tight , rap the break off stick four or five raps and pull. It works great
    and really saves line cuts on your hands. Makes a good little billie too
    if you were to ever need it.
  2. ilovesharinfoo

    ilovesharinfoo New Member

    I usually use a pair of leather gloves to hold the line tight to the rod itself so as to not damage my reel (or rod). But this sounds like a much better solution. I think I have an old broom that I can hack down for it. Thanks for the tip!

  3. ammo warrior

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    Columbia, MO
    Oh geez, you are so right... I hate breakn off my rig...err :angry:
  4. JimmyJonny

    JimmyJonny Well-Known Member

    Both work, I myself use a glove..1 or.2 wraps and the job is done.
  5. SWeiss

    SWeiss New Member

    Heh heh. That's a good idea actually. So you don't end up like...

    I got snagged with my baitcaster. So I cranked the drag up full and started walking backwards. I use 20# BBG with Cajun Red 40# leader. SNAP, the line breaks, I reel in what's left and re-rig.

    I go to cast out, and the rig stops short in mid-air and drops like a brick, and the bait keeps going another 20 yards, 45 degrees to the left of course.

    The line dug in so deep on the spool when I was trying to break off it stayed there and stopped up the whole works! :smile2:
  6. Mickey

    Mickey New Member Supporting Member

    Thanks poppa you have solved a problem for a lot of fisherman, and saved them some money to boot.Pulling from the reel can be expensive.
  7. Gotbuck

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    I had a bass reel blow up on me one time while I was hung up. I pulled with the reel not thinking and boom when the inside of the reel. I opened up the reel and parts fell out all over the place. Never again. I use those metal bank pole holders, the corkscrew type, and rap a few times around and pull. It does the job well. Be carefull as I have pulled so hard the rig does free up and comes by at blazing speed past my eyes and head, the hooks were bent all the way out from the shank. Glad I had shades on just in case.
  8. mintaka

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    Charlotte , N.C

    The same thing happens to me , usually I try to avoid stretching the line and use a lighter to burn it right where it meets the water , if possible. As far as line digging in on a baitcaster spool , if you lubricate the line , will this minimize or eliminate the problem?
  9. Motopro00

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    Festus, Missouri
    That happened to me with my PP last week. The line snapped mid flight right where I dug it in. Lost 40 yards line. :angry:
  10. alton

    alton New Member

    That is in my opinion where the dig-in problems with Power Pro comes from. I guarantee if you have a bait caster spooled with braid and don't use a stick to break the line and keep tension off the spool, you will have a major dig-in problem.
  11. PaJay-p

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    Just went to cut the handle off the wifes broom but it is plastic.:embarassed:Great Idea!