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    Kingwood, Tx (Houston)
    My friend Kim, my two boys, Andrew and Curtis (23 and 20) and I
    launched our kayaks at Falls on the Brazos county park out of Marlin,
    Tx. last Saturday for a two night fishing trip on the Brazos River.
    For those not familiar with the area, Marlin is about 30 miles
    Southeast of Waco at the intersection of Hwy 6 and Hwy 7. The county
    maintains a small campground at what is called the Falls on the
    Brazos. The falls are basically a small drop in the river over a
    limestone river bed.

    Our plan was to paddle downstream about 5 miles to a large gravel bar,
    set up camp, and fish Saturday night, Sunday and Sunday night, and
    return to the Falls on Monday. It took us about 2 hours to paddle to
    the gravel bar. The location is a large bend in the river with lots
    of dead fall structure close to the outer bend. After setting up
    camp, we cast out or lines. I immediately caught a 4 lb channel,
    then a 2 lb one. Just after dark, Andrew, my oldest boy, comes
    running, saying "I don't know if this one is legal, but you may want
    to look at it". Kim and I looked, the boy was holding a 9 lb blue
    cat. He caught the cat on about the worse tackle you can imagine for
    large catfish. The rod was ok, a Berkley Cherrywood, but the reel was
    a cheap Wal Mart special that cost less than $9. He said after he
    got the fish on shore the line broke. It was some kind of cheap 10 lb
    test. He'd brought the rod along hoping to catch a good size perch
    for cut bait.

    All in all, it was a pleasant and successful trip. We caught a total
    of 15 keeper catfish, the largest was 11 lbs, a blue, and also two
    other blues, both better than 8 lbs. Kim caught a 22 lb long nose
    gar on a fillet of fresh water mullet, gar in that part of the Brazos
    love those mullet. Kim targets large gar, his best out of the Brazos
    is 43 lbs, though his brother caught one that went 60. We nearly
    froze Sunday night trying to night fish. The night fishing was off.
    We didn't catch but that one gar after 8 on either night.

    Monday morning, after Kim caught his 11 lb blue and I got another 4 lb
    channel, we packed up, loaded the kayaks, and paddled back upstream.
    We were tired, but happy dudes. BTW, nothing like fried catfish
    stream side for supper. And, you may have noticed no report of
    Curtis catching fish. For some strange reason, he doesn't fish. I'm
    ordering a DNA test.
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    Waco, Texas, Un
    i also fished the brazos and bosque friday night, caught 8lb channel (my personal best channel), and then went and caught 2-2lbers outta lake waco

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    Kingwood, Tx (Houston)
    The whole Brazos system is a good river system to fish. Its not an easy one to access, though. This was the third time I've fished this area of the Brazos, though the farthest downstream Nice thing about it, almost no one fishes it, and for sure, not that far downstream. The gravel bar we set up on occupied a bend close to 1/2 mile long. Lots of water to fish. We would like to take a couple of more days to fish and paddle on down to FM 979, but are hesitant to leave a shuttle vehicle at the take out. My friend Kim is looking for someone in the Calvert area that will let us store a vehicle at his place and come pick one of us up when we get to the take out. Kim lives near where Hwy 7 crosses I-35.