Braunig Lake 1AUG07

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  1. hillcountryfishin

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    Change of pace tonight and hit up Braunig Lake for an evening trip with Tom & Chuck Dewey of Universal City.
    Started out slow then we found the fish, good ones at that. Fished the night away from 730-1200 ending with 33 fish up to 6.5 lbs. Awesome evening on the water, the quality of fish was superb and so was the company.Alot of fun catching them fish shallow tonight. All fish on danny kings blood.
    Pics don't do these channels justice truly. There were about 5 or 6 fish pushing 5 or better with one over 6. I could have sworn three of them where redfish when they got hooked up had we not been fishing punchbait.
    It has been a long time if ever that I have seen channel cats fight that hard and furious...truly one great night to witness.
    Pics below

  2. willcat

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    nice catch there buddy, i may have to try braunig now those are some good looking cats!!!!