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Brand new shank that I just received last week from E-Trailer. I bought the shank based upon their recommendation, well it doesn't fit and they won't give me credit for sending back. So I just paid $100.00 with shipping being another $20 bucks. This has never been used, I put it in my 2" receiver and found that the drop is not enough for my 3/4 ton pickup. This would be great on lower setting vehicles such as my dad's van (he has one). He has his flipped upside down to give rise.

So E-Trailer screwed me with their bad advice and won't make it right, so I am selling this one and buying the size that will fit my truck. So at $75.00 out the door, one is saving about 38% of retail cost.

Please note that the shank only is for sale and looks identical to the link below.

It works with a bunch of straightline towing models, see link.

Reese Weight Distributing Shank, 15,000 lbs. Draw-Tite Accessories and Parts 63970

Note: If one orders $150.00 worth of stuff of the above website then shipping is free, but if you don't need a $150.00 worth of extra stuff, then save some money and buy mine. HAHA
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