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Branched Oaks

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Anyone catching any good size cats at Branched Oaks
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Catching a few up to 11 lbs drifting the north arm.
Wagon Train seems to be the hot spot now, limiting
out with fish up to 12 lbs in 6 hours during the day.
Wagon Train has cats that large already? Didnt they just kill that off when they did the aquatic habitat renovation, or has it been that long since they did it, and time flew by me?
I've also heard good first hand reports of good sized cats at WT this summer.
It will continue as long as folks CPR most of them.

Haven't been fishing in the Lincoln area in a while. May have to give it a shot in a few days...
I'm right between Wagon Train and the Missouri River, I usually end up on the river, but I'll have to give WT a shot if the fish are that big already.
Growler, I've never fished the Missouri. My boat wouldn't be up to the task. Have any suggestions for bank fishing?
I'm in Blair, Nebraska

I have just found and registered with this cool site.

Been doing a little bank fishing at Boyer and DeSoto bend. I have had the best catfishing on the Little Souix river in Iowa in the five years that I have lived in the area here. Sutherland Reservoir have treated me good with early channel cats and wiper fishing....
Welcome Drpepper, it can be a very informative web sight. There is allot of small talk to weed through, but overall a good site.

Hey Skerzfan, I fish around the wing dams, and there are often bank fisherman there as well. I just don't know where to park to access them. I know there a few places near Nebraska City you can park, and hike a bit.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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