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    I haven't used any of the newer braided lines that have become popular in recent years. When I was younger, back in the 1960's or 1970's, however, there was a braided dacron that was popular I used on baitcasting reels. I'm old school and it never seemed natural to use braided on spinning reels, so I haven't tried any of this Power Pro, Sufix, or Spiderwire. And another thing is I fish quite a bit around rip rap and rocks, and have understood braid is bad to fray, even if you use a mono or flourocarbon leader. Some love braid, some hate it. I even had a friend said he'd rather be fishing with dental floss.

    However, I've seen some folks who can really cast better with the braid than the monofilament. Question: Just because a braid has much lower diameter than mono, is it going to cast as well? For example, Offshore Angler has some braid in bulk, 20 lb test is equivalent diameter as 6 lb. test mono. Does that mean the 20 lb braid will cast as well as the 6 lb. mono?


    I still like to use mono for any fishing where i,m using under #20 line.I think the mono casts smoother and further than the braid because the memory in it helps it to jump off the spool easier.I tried using some #10 test/#2 diamater braid for some steelheading last year.It was too thin for me,hard to tie and I kept getting wind knoys all day.

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    So far , both work well for me. The only time I use mono is fishing for bait or bass. All of my catfish setups have braid because you just never know. When I acquire additional setups , I'll get line commensurate to the setup and species. On spincast , I use strictly mono. Braid seems to cast better on a baitcaster than mono. I've found it easier to keep a tight line with braid , but mono still has it's place.
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    all they are saying with the 20# in 6# diamater is just dealing with the width. depending on the situation i love braid. when fishing the small 6-10# braid i just keep to mono. but with the other i like braid in most spots. im switching back this year to all braid, as we have talked. the biggest advantage to braid IMO is the lack of memory and line twist. however once you get a knot in braid it is all over most of the time, there is no picking it out. i have to disclose however that almost all my reels are baitcasters. i have one spinning reel with braid on it right now and i think the rotation of the gyro thingy does create some knotting if you dont pay attention.
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    The smaller dia braid will cast better than mono. It will not have the memory that mono has either. The thinner braid needs less lead to hold it and your bait in current too. And it lets you hold more line on your reel too. I use 30# 8# dia line on some of my reels. Using the smaller dia line you can throw a lighter bait farther too. Some people just do not like it because it is so thin but thats what I like about it.
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    well so far most of your questions and concerns have been answered but let me add this. braid and spinning reels are a perfect match as long as your reel has a metal spool the reason is that since you have to pack braid on a spinning reel tighter than a baitcaster since the line comes off the spool compared to the spool throwing the line off a baitcaster. all you need is 1 loose coil to have a blowup now when you're casting and retrieving flip the bail manually because most of the time when you turn the handle that causes a loose coil and thats just a disaster waiting to happen. while you're reeling in maintain some tension on the line that'll cut down on loose coils too. check the roller bearing on your spinning reel because if you have a lot of line twist then that bearing is sticking and causing line twist the biggest exception to this is a lot of reels over 20 years old don't have as smooth bearings as most newer reels. if your reel's bearing is sticking back the tension screw on the bail off a little and/or oil the roller bearing. as far as abrasion resistance i just use a an8-10ft mono leader if i can't stop a fish from getting into something with that long a leader i'm not going to stop it anyway.
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    If you are wanting to try braid I would try something in the 80-100 pound range. If you go any lighter then that and you risk having a bad experience. The min. size braid I use is 65 pound. Any lighter then that and it's going to break way to easy. Just stick with Mono if you plan on going light. This all has to do with the size of the braid. I have found 80 pound braid with 20 pound mono equivalent to work the best. In my opinion it's more abrasion resistant then 40 pound mono.
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