Braided line break strengths

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    The other day at work I was able to do some testing on a couple of popular braided lines. Actually I really wanted to test various knots, but found that the line was breaking before the knots were, so I became more interested in that data.

    They line was tested using a calibrated 100lb constant force digital gauge. A section of line was taken from a fresh spool and tied to a swivel at each end (approx 12" long). One swivel was clamped to the stationary gauge while the other was clamped to a screw drive motor. The motor was then activated until there was a failure and results recorded.

    Here are the results:

    50lb Power Pro with Palomar Knot 28.7/22.6 (line broke in both samples)
    50lb Power Pro with Super-Uni knot 29.5/27.2 (line broke in both samples)

    80lb Suffix with Palomar 45.6/47.5 (line broke in both samples)
    80lb Suffix with Super-Uni 53.2/44.5 (line broke in both samples)

    Now on a side note regarding line strength.

    50lb Power Pro broke at an average of 27lbs or 54% of advertised
    80lb Suffix broke at an average of 47.7lbs or 60% of advertised

    Based on those numbers I would expect 65lb to break around the 35lb mark.

    Obviously the sample size should be much larger for better results, but there weren’t any “off the chart” numbers which leads me to believe that the numbers above are pretty accurate.

    Not much to take away from this other than I know for sure that all my Flathead rods will be spooled up with at least 80lb test.
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    We need more people to do tests like that with different brands of line and tests. So that maybe we could make a chart that shows the strongest and best lines to use. The BOC would be the place find people to test this and to compile a chart. That would be a great thing for members to check for a line they could trust. Thanks for the info!

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    Just some corroborating tests:

    IMO, somebody who replaces 40lb mono with 40lb braid will be disappointed with the results, but replace that 40lb mono with 80lb braid and you will be happy, and end up with a line that is still less than half the diameter of the mono. In fact, my usual advice is to ignore the pound test ratings, and just look for a braid that is about half the diameter of the mono it replaces.

    I pretty much run 50-65lb braid on my smaller reels, and 80-100 on the bigger ones.
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    Well, this definitely backs up what my dad and i have experienced with braided line. We always "felt" it broke to easily.

    is the fish 'n fool knot and super uni-knots the same thing?
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    It also seems like it breaks to easy because when you pull on it it don't stretch. So all that power your using to break it is going right to the knot. :wink: