Braided dacron line

Discussion in 'Fishing Line Review' started by Bill in SC, Jul 1, 2009.

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    I have debated this myself for some time.

    Dacron has less stretch than mono, around 10% stretch or lower. That's a plus.

    Depending on the brand, it can also have a much smaller diameter than a comparable lb test of mono. That's a plus too, but like I said, it varies quite a bit from brand to brand. It doesn't come close to the thinness of braid per pound test though.

    It's a bit lacking in abrasion resistance, as compared to mono, but that's the same issue braid has too. Rocks tears up braid, but wood generally doesn't. Any kind of structure will abrade dacron. That's a minus.

    Dacron absorbs water badly, much more so than mono or braid. It also take some time to dry out. That causes issues with corrosion on reels and terminal gear. Definitely a minus.

    Another fisherman that I talked to who fishes dacron quite bit only uses it because most of the braided superlines float. Dacron sinks. He fishes long distance, by placing his baits with a small boat exactly where he wants them. Often times, he might have a bait 150yds out. He needs the low stretch quality of Dacron to get a good hookset and then keep the fish from getting into cover. He said that it's hard on equipment, because it holds water so badly. If he could find a good sinking braided line, he'd switch to it. For all of this other fishing, he uses a good low stretch mono line.

    I think that for how you like to fish, you might be able to just use flourocarbon for your mainline, not just your leader. It's a bit thinner than mono, low stretch, all of what you like about Power Pro.

    There are also some house brands of braid you could try, like Cabela's Ripcord (great reviews on Cabela's site for this line), that are cheaper than Power Pro. You might also look at a small diameter, low stretch mono, like Yozuri Hybrid, P-Line CX or Flouroclear. There are also some European lines on the market that might be what you want. I'm going to try Tectan Premium Plus this year, from Cabela's. Extremely thin and limp, with low stretch and some decent abrasion resistance. The 44.4lb line has a smaller diameter than most 25lb test lines like Trilene, Stren, Ande, etc. Any more, I mostly use spinning gear, so I think this will be right up my alley. If should work very well on your ABU 6500 reels too, with their limited line capacity.

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    I use Cabelas Prestige braided Dacron line for leader material. The reason being, I drift or troll with bloodbait, and this line will no cut through the blood. Mono and braid has a sharpness to it and the Braided Dacron is soft and supple. It's the perfect line for this style of application. I use Prestige in the 30# rating. It has great knot strength and gets the job done for me. Pretty cheap too!!
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    I use the Prestige braided Dacron line from Cabelas also. I use the 80#
    green dot. I use it as leader material for large hooks for my R/R and
    I make my jug lines out of it. I really like it.
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    You're probably already doing this, but you don't need to fill your reel with braided line. I generally put 150 yards on mine, with enough cheaper backing line underneath to properly fill the reel.