Braid line problems, "A Suggestion"

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    Hi Guys,

    Concerning some of the braided line problems, such as fraying of the line, trouble using slip floats, setting the hook to hard (due to the lack of stretch) let me offer a suggestion, use an extremely long mono leader, example, "If you are using a 9' rod, tie on a mono leader of say, double the length of the rod (or more) depending on the type of rough cover and depth or method you are fishing. And, joining the braid to the mono with an Albright knot. This type of mono leader length will enable you to fish slip floats without a problem (but of course you would have to adjust your mono leader to the depth you are fishing), protect your braid from most rocks and give you some stretch when you cannot restrain yourself from crossing their eyes. Other things to do concerning braids have already been covered in many of the posts, as well as the library. Such as, the type of rod to use and how to set your drag for braided lines etc.

    Hope this will be a help to some.
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    Thanks mike I will give it a I just have to master the albright knot which I will. Bigcatman0816.