Bragging, also some questions (kinda long)

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    I pulled my trusty 870 express 12 guage out of the gun cabinet last night in anticipation of today's duck hunt. Much to my disgust, there was some surface rust on it. Now I know i put plenty of oil on the gun before storage, because it still looked deep black (wet looking). Well, my disgust went away today. First the gun got me out of a jam when i sunk both feet knee deep in the mud. I used her as a walking stick to get unstuck. Between this, sitting in the marsh and doing some walking, the gun got plenty muddy. Later my cousin was push poling the boat and lost the push pole (those fancy aluminum push poles dont float) and I used my 870 as a paddle to get the boat back to where the pushpole was dropped. Even after all this, the gun functioned flawlessly everytime i pulled the trigger. I get home and do a thorough cleaning and find mud, water, and marsh grass inside. This gun just amazes me at its relentlessness and ability to work in adverse conditions. It aint pretty, but i love my 870!!

    Now my questions....The 870 express isn't known for its quality finish, and that's my only complaint about it. The dull blueing rusts fairly easily. After a few years of use, some of the blueing is starting to wear thru and looks more gray than black (even some shiny spots now). I hate to spend the money and be without it long enough to have it sent out and recoated. I mean, lets face it, its only a 250 dollar gun, why spend that much to refinish it? Lots of people have told me to just steel wool the gun real good to remove rust, etc, spray it with some kind of solvent (brake cleaner seems popular) and spray paint it black. Anybody done this? How durable is it? Basically i dont wanna hafta do this more than once a year. Should i prime it first? I do take care of my guns, but my shotguns dont get babied. This is not an expensive trap/skeet shooting gun, its a working gun with synthetic stocks.
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    Wheeler Engineering makes a coating called Cerami Coat that you can use that is better than plain spray paint. You can get it at Midway USA. Also, Brownells makes several spray coatings that are much better than regular paint, some need to be baked in an oven, some don't. You don't need to steel wool the gun with most of these, just use a good degreaser and make sure it's completely dry.

    If you want a tougher finish, you could get it parkerized. Lot of gunsmiths do it, and many of them have a quick turn around on it, like two weeks or so. I had a couple of rifles done two years ago, and it cost me $75 each, plus shipping. It was a gunsmith in Pennsylvania, but I lost his address. He did a great job on them.

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    Matt I agree with you, a fine over and under has no business in a duck
    boat or bouncing around on a atv or pickup. I take care of my guns but
    I don't baby them. If I get wet they get wet. If I get muddy they get muddy.
    I use another $250 pump gun an 835 ultimag for the rough down and dirty
    hunting. I spray paint some of my shotguns and one deer rifle. I use rustolem
    flat black, mud brown (flat), olive drab (flat). If you can't find the colors
    wanted in rustolem try krylon. Just spray lightly to cover, spray in short
    bursts, and keep it moving. It don't take much. Keep your paint and if you
    need a touch up you can hit it a lick. A gun is a tool and some types of
    hunting are a rough sport. If its going to ruin your day because you got
    a scratch on you gun you need to take up skeet.IMO.
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    I'm on my 3rd. 870 now. Currently shoot a parkerized special purpose with a 21" barrel. Turkey killin sucker. I'm fixin to paint it like i did my others. I cleaned it very well and primed it, then painted it. For the money i don't think you can get a tougher shotgun. The express is exactly the same as wingmasters, Sp's or any other 870. The parts from one will slide right in another.
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    I wouldn't worry bout it much. But I check my guns every six months or so. Even in a safe they'll dry out.
    I like a product called "Sheath", it's a rust preventative, killer, and I think it's made by Benchmark Casey. Good stuff. Works a lot better than WD40.
    And it's a spray, so you can hit all the knooks and cranny's.
    Guns get character, just like us.
    And you ain't talking 10 minutes taking an 870 apart, and back together, even running a wet patch down the bore, if she's already clean.
    Wear them scars with pride.
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    The reason the 870's bluing wears off quicker and lets it rust easier is because on those guns they use a cold bluing system. They don't use a hot bluing bath on the metal of the guns.

    The cold blue feels a little rough to the touch and is a dull finish. A good hot bluing is very smooth and rich and shiny and will last longer than a cold bluing.
    Wal mart usually sells a bottle of cold blue on the shelf for retouching guns.

    If you are only going to retouch it then that would be good enough but if your going to totally redo it I would suggest one of the other methods that has been mentioned. I think that the paint will last as long or longer than the cold blue will especially since you are so rough on that gun because of using it duck hunting.
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    your first name
    Ive reblued"cold blued" a couple of my old guns. I used Birchwood Caseys cold bluing kit and it worked great. It came with everything you need and the cost was about 12$, probably a little more now but I didnt want to spend alot on it.
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    Thanks Brian, the "Sheath" I was talking bout is made by Birchwood Casey.....I was close, LOL.