Bowlerman makes the print again

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    I recieved a call Teusday from Mr. Tom Higgins,a legendary sportswriter for the Charlotte Observer.He had heard about Jeff Mannings big catch at our Tourney on 9/26.He asked me a few questions and said that he would get it out in Thursday edition in the Big Catch of the Week section.He was true to his word and it is in there today{no pic].Just wanted to let everyone know it was there and Congratulate Jeff again on a beauty of a 62lb Blue Catfish.That is some well deserved recognition for himself and for the Club as well.Thanks to Tom as well for the call,enjoyed the conversation with great writer.:big_smile:
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    I have always said if you goin to be beat, be beat by the best.:big_smile:
    I truly believe that there were at least 8 boats in that tournament if not more that could had weighed in the top 3 on any given tournament. Bowler proved he is the man to beat (Lucky dog) :smile2:jk

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    thanks for sharing
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    thanks marty, it has been a good year (NO MAKE THAT A GREAT YEAR):smile2: i've caught some beutifull fish this year and i owe alot of the credit to how open the members of the ccc and the catawba catfish boys are, the guys in this group are as good a group of catfishers there is and are willing to give advice and help to anyone. oh yea and that golden horseshoe don't hurt and it does help to be lucky:wink: