Bowhunting for catfish.

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by abilene, Nov 16, 2005.

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    abilene, tx
    Texas Parks and Wildlife Department will be having a public hearing on considering making bow fishing for catfish legal.

    Not a good idea. I for one, will try to find out more and my vote will be no.
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    Does not surprise me in the least, catfish are looked upon as non game fish...You can bet they would not consider letting you bowhunt for bass..Even if few catfish are harvested in this method, it sends the message that catfish are nothing more than rough fish, and do not deserve any laws protecting them..Catfishing in this county has grown in leaps and bounds in the last decade, with very few regs in place like slot , creel, and lenght limts...Somthing has to be done to help insure we have a healthy population for years to come...I know in the places I fish, the number of trophy fish has declined over the past several years, because everybody is fishing for catfish, and not everybody is practicing conservation in regards to the ammount of fish harvested.

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    Jackie, there is a thread in the HI area about this. It's not an arguing thread. LOL.
    Anyway, I email TPWD today asking them about it. I'm waiting on their answer.
    They always have given me an answer to my past questions so I'm sure they will get back to me.
    What gets me about this. I haven't heard a thing about it until it was posted on this site. I dont watch much tv. Nothing in my paper about it. Why are they keeping it a secret. It may just be me from lack of tv watching. LOL.

    JERMSQUIRM New Member

    well i can't says to ever seeing a catfish close enough to the surface to shoot or if i did it wasn't there long enough to knock an arrow and aim,lol. my vote would be no as well but i can for one say i wouldn't waste my time trying. much easier and fun to fish with rod and reel.
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    I think as long as the fish that were shot with a bow and arrow are eaten then its fine, but how do you regulate if those fish are eaten? All in all I think its best if it weren't legal.
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    Since some may not be in the H.I. area. There is a thread there about bowfishing. I posted the same thing there as here so you guys could read it also.

    I went to TPWD ( Texas Parks and Wildlife Department ) web page
    Below is the email I sent and the answer I got back this morning.

    Email I sent to TPWD;

    I'm on a catfish web site. We promote good fishing ethics and laws of the states we live in.

    Someone brought up the subject about Texas might allow bow fishing for catfish. Is this true and if so can you give me some information about it.


    This is the answer I got back;

    In response to requests from persons interested in bowfishing, the TPW Commission has asked staffed to consider allowing the use of archery equipment for harvesting catfish and to collect public input on this possible change in regulations. A formal proposal to change regulations has not yet been made. Proposals to changes hunting and fishing regulations will be made by TPWD staff at the January 24th TPW Commission meeting held in Austin. Public hearings on regulation proposals will be scheduled for late February through mid-March. Anyone wishing to make a comment on possible legalization of bowfishing for catfish at this time can send comments to

    Ken Kurzawski

    TPWD Inland Fisheries
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    I know this has been hashed over in different sites. Some hate bowfishing and some like it. As for catfish you can bowfish them in Ky. and in the Ohio with a Ky. fishing lic. I have done this and I do eat the catfish. As far as shooting a game fish there are a few state you can shoot northern pike and I believe they are game fish. But to each his own and why get mad if you can't do it or you don't like it. But there will always be an arguement about it. So let it begin.....LOL
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    This is only a proposal and they really do want your opinion. This past year in Oklahoma there were a couple of new proposals that I didn't like. The ODWC set up meeting times to hear everyone's concern. Myself and some friends did attend the meetings and our concerns were heard along with many others and one of the bad proposals was shot down. Send emails and attend meetings if you can and let them know how you feel.
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    Jackie, have you gotten a chance to read the "Texas roll call post". Towards the end Nathan King gives some good info on how to contact TP&W, also another post "Don't let this happen" has some info on it too.