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Discussion in 'Carp Fishing' started by onlyone, Apr 11, 2006.

  1. onlyone

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    SE Kansas
    I'd like to try bowfishing this year and I already have a Darton Maverick 62#. What is a good, cheap set-up and where can i get it?
  2. vlparrish

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    Bedford, Kentucky
    Pete, you can get a Fred Bear spool reel, complete with line and one arrow for around $25 at most places that carry archery equipment. I would also recommend that you buy a muzzy roller rest, they usually run under $15. I have used the spool reel for several years now and have never had a problem with it. There are more expensive and complicated reels out there, but I have never seen the need for one. You might want to get you several arrows, because you will lose one from time to time. Also if you are going after gar I would recommend a good pair of leather gloves. You could just net them, but man that's a mess I just slip on a leather glove and grab them by the snout. Good luck and remember shoot low. because of refraction most people tend to shoot over fish until they get the hang of it. Vern

  3. DocB

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    Hi Onlyone,

    Bowfishing is a passion of mine.

    The beginner's rig I would reccomend consist of :

    Spinning reel ie. Shakespear Synergy 20 @ $14.95, T1 @ $18.95, Zebco 808
    @ $24.95, 888 @ $39.95 Saltwater 888 @ $49.95. My favorite is the Synergy 20 and the least expensive. The others are good reels but I've gone thru
    two T1's and a host of 808's and 888's. I'm on my third year with the Synergy 20.

    Line: Fastflite 150lb. @ $7.95

    Arrows: There many types of arrow rangeing from fiberglass to carbon at
    prices good, better, or best.

    I use the white fiberglass bowfishing arrow(no fletching) @ $3.95 ea.

    Tips: There many different styles of tips to choose from. I prefer the Muzzy
    Carp and the Muzzy Gar tips. @ $6.95 ea. (They have replacement tip only
    packages @ $2.95 for two. You will need a full tip and barb set up to go on the end of your arrow. Some Sporting good stores sell the complete arrow w/
    tip. @ $11.95-14.95.

    The rest you use should accomodate the heavier arrow. I shoot off the shelf.

    I also use safety slides.

    All of my bows are recurves 45lb-55lb.

    The initial cost of bows and arrows depend on the user and as with anything
    in sports cost do go up the more involved you get. Bowfishing boat set-ups etc.

    If you need more info let me know.

    Good Luck,

    P.S. The prices I quoted are from the last time I was at Walmart and
    Academy Sports. They may vary from store to store.
  4. Desperado

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    Pataskala, Ohio
    I would say with the bow you have turn it down to about 50 lb. and get some fiberglass arrows with the Muzzy fish point on it with safety slides. The reel will have to be your choice. The spincast reel are easy to use, but you have to tie to the back of the arrow and if you forget to push the button it could cause injury to you or someone. You could go with the AMS Retriever which has no buttons to push and is ready to shoot at anytime. When you pull a lever with your finger it pulls a wheel down on a rubber wheel and holds the line while you reel it in. The spincast reels are cheaper and the Retriever will cost more. As mentioned before, why go though several spincast reels. Just get an AMS retriever, they are about $60.00 and last alot longer than any spincast. I use one and have had the same one for 10 years. I shoot lots of fish and never had a problem. Just drop me a pm and I'll help you get set up and where to get the best prices for the stuff you need.;)
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    If you want a good website to by stuff at try, it has every thing you will ever need.