Bowfish for carp

Discussion in 'Carp Fishing' started by onlyone, Apr 17, 2006.

  1. onlyone

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    SE Kansas
    Im gonna try bowfishing for carp this spring/summer. Im getting my "rig" tomorrow. I've heard though, that you cant use your sights. Is that true? Also, does the string on the arrow affect you shot any?
  2. Desperado

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    Pataskala, Ohio
    You can use sights if you want. Just aim low on the fish. But it's more fun if you don't. You will miss a few but you will be hitting them in no time. The string that is attached to the arrow don't affect the point of impact. it might slow it down on really long shot. But if you shoot a good bit you will adjust.;)

  3. RamRod

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    I'll have to admit, you know what you're talking about there!

    Let me tell you a story about my first bowfishing experience. Desperado was teaching me how to aim below the fish because of the deflection when the arrow hits the water. Well, after my 5th or 6th try, I finally nailed one that got me so excited that my brother Desperado had to grab his bow in fear of me dropping it in the lake!:eek: I almost jumped in after that one because I didn't want it getting away. But he told me that's what the reel is for on the bow! LMAO!!! Have to admit that it got me pumped up, I would definitely like to try it again.