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bout ready to give it up

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Got my boat out , finally!! and went back to the same area with more poles and fished for mr big boy I missed the other day. Well he was there. Within minutes of having a big gill in the water and my spool open this time he started taking line and I let him run with it. After a minute or so I decided to set the hook. The gill came right out of his mouth and I reel it in and it was completely descaled, eyes poppoing out and dead as a doornail. No bite marks like turtle or a gar. So I rebaited with another big shellcracker and and the samething happened. there goes my line agian so I waited longer this time. Well I set the hook and it was like I had a log on and... line broke. After checking my line it appeared as though he ran over some big rock. I may bump up to 30 or 40lb on this particular reel. Tried it agian and he was gone. Waited another hr or so with bait in the water and at dark somthing hit my other pole with 30lb line so I really let him take it and run. After a few minutes I went to set the hook and the hook never set. Ripped right out of my bait. I WAS REALLY PISSED! Mabey it a gar or a turtle...*%#%! I dont know. Oh well... I guess thats why they call it fishing. Any suggestions??
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Hooking near the tail, Gamagaksu octopus circle 5o hook. Mabey I need to use 2 hooks one in the front and another in the tail. Or downsize??? I dont know... from what Ive heard, big flattys will play around with a live bait before they completly engulfing. Ive heard they will even try to knock scales off. The dead gill I pulled in was completley descaled.
The octopus is what I am using. Its not like the standard circle hooks. I may go by Dicks today and see if they stock larger than 5o. I am using a carolina rig with a large float. I really like this method. The only downside is all the weight from the gill, sinker, and float. I need bigger poles. Eagle Claws here I come...
I have heard from others that flattys will take up to thirty minutes to eat a live gill(sometimes). They like to soften the fish up a bit and even try to knock scales off. This is all what I have heard. Im no expert. That seemed to be the case on one of my hits, is the gill I pulled out of his mouth was completley descaled and eyes popping out and very soft. There were no teeth marks like a trutle or gar. This is what has me stumped.
I went to Dicks(mj) and Walmart(hermitage) and both of them did not have squat as far as hooks. The biggest they had was for a plastic worm. Wal mart especially did not have anything for rods either. I may try that .................. Bass pro has always been my source for hooks but they are still closed. (as far as I know)

as for the bigger rods check wall-mart they did carry an 8 ft ugly stick cat rod and the price was not to bad I bought one a couple of years ago and it was like 28 bucks. if not then I would suggest that you hit the pawn shops around you and see what they have. I have seen several around me that have everything from ultra-light to 10 footers. even a few of what I call a boat rod, the short real heave ones that use salt water sized bait casters.
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