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bout ready to give it up

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Got my boat out , finally!! and went back to the same area with more poles and fished for mr big boy I missed the other day. Well he was there. Within minutes of having a big gill in the water and my spool open this time he started taking line and I let him run with it. After a minute or so I decided to set the hook. The gill came right out of his mouth and I reel it in and it was completely descaled, eyes poppoing out and dead as a doornail. No bite marks like turtle or a gar. So I rebaited with another big shellcracker and and the samething happened. there goes my line agian so I waited longer this time. Well I set the hook and it was like I had a log on and... line broke. After checking my line it appeared as though he ran over some big rock. I may bump up to 30 or 40lb on this particular reel. Tried it agian and he was gone. Waited another hr or so with bait in the water and at dark somthing hit my other pole with 30lb line so I really let him take it and run. After a few minutes I went to set the hook and the hook never set. Ripped right out of my bait. I WAS REALLY PISSED! Mabey it a gar or a turtle...*%#%! I dont know. Oh well... I guess thats why they call it fishing. Any suggestions??
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How are you setting the hook??Are you giving it a swift jerk??Cause a circle hook is not meant to be used that way..I would first try a bigger hook, an 8/0 maybe..If that fails try the double hook with trebles..If it is a flatty, which it sounds like it to me, yes they do usually just hold the bait in there mouth and gnaw on it..Thats why I don't like using circles for flatheads..He's not really running off with it he's just mouthing it..Kinda like a gar would do, but a gar would shred the bait with its teeth..Sounds like your saying it just kinda crushed it and scaled it, right???If he's not really running with it and he's mouthing it, trying to set the hook would just pull it out his mouth, a circle kinda needs to get in that corner of the jaw as the fish runs with the bait..So try a bigger and different style hook and make sure its sharp..Thats my take..Hope it helps, and don't give up..I'm anxious to find out what it is too..
Yeah if this was a blue he'd of been hooked.It sure does sound like a flatty to me..And also John, Dicks has a Mudville Cat rod too..It is white with a glow tip..Pretty decent rod for 20 bucks, I got one..
I went to Dicks(mj) and Walmart(hermitage) and both of them did not have squat as far as hooks. The biggest they had was for a plastic worm. Wal mart especially did not have anything for rods either. I may try that .................. Bass pro has always been my source for hooks but they are still closed. (as far as I know)
Try Academy over at Rivergate...No doubt you'll find what you need there..They are way cheaper than Bass Pro and Dick's..I say they are the Wal Mart of sporting goods and they have a pretty good selection of fishing stuff..
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