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Discussion in 'Carp Fishing' started by grillking, Jun 3, 2008.

  1. grillking

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    omaha, nebraska
    what are your guys setups. bottom, bobber? treble, circle, straight, and size of hook? I grew up fishing for carp and buffalo, but that has been a few moons ago. know the baits pretty well, and thought that the bottom will be a better bet. any info appreciated!
  2. Trahviiz

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    I fish on bottom 100% of the time unless I see them eating on top. Just this year I decided to try circle hooks for carp. I've found that they work better for carp than cats. Just thread some corn on it, or put a swivel on it and mold some Wheaties around it, or whatever you like to use. I've had pole holders ripped out of the ground by doing this though so keep a close eye and use a tough rod, I've already cracked one this way.

  3. ozzy

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    Lost Wages
    I fish a pond for carp myself, flat sandy bottom and no vegetation at all. I fish the bottom with a carolina rig with some slack and in free spool with a loud clicker. I use sickle hooks from wild wolf products a BOC sponsor. Just click my signature for the page.
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    most of my spots are so overrun with carp there is no vegetation or cover except for holes and humps. i fish bottom all the time. if i see a school of carp feeding on top, i will reel my dough along the top of the water to the edge of the school, then let it fall. as long as you don't reel it into the middle of the school they usually won't spook, and the ones on the side of the school will follow your bait down.