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Discussion in 'Fish Finder Review and Study' started by shingman6, Oct 14, 2007.

  1. shingman6

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    I have a 14 foot boat and want to know if anybody has used the Bottom Line fish finder that is portable and screws on to boat by way of clamp. I need something portable that I can take off of boat. Thanks!
  2. Phil Washburn

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  3. merlin6988

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    My wife bought me the bottomline fishing buddy 1101 with my boat. I like it, it's pretty darn accurate and I've been able to increase my catches when I follow it as close as possible. Don't mount it next to your motor or you'll get false readings tho.
  4. fishnfwl

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    I agree, I have one that we use when we are on some of our trips, and rent a smaller jon boat, it works fine and well, I have been mounting it to the front upper side, have a small piece of wood that stays in the bag to help hold it better, but it has worked fine over the years, I mostly just use mine to find structure and depths when we go crappie fishing. I think it is better than the type with the stick on suction cup transducer, the never stay on for me, plus I use my fishn buddy for ice fishing works well with a simple milk crate to mount it on. GOOD Luck!