Bottom bouncers for drift fishing?

Discussion in 'INDIANA RIVERS TALK' started by catfishcatcher, Aug 5, 2009.

  1. catfishcatcher

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    I have seen a lot of guys/gals on the boc drift for their cats. A lot of the bigger cats have been caught on this method. I was told that usually you drop the bait down to the bottom and reel about a foot off the bottom. The problem with a traditional rig is that it is likley to get hung up with a depth change or rock/log pile. I wanted to know if any of you boc brothers or sisters use a bottom bouncer/bait walker for drift fishing? I thought this would adapt well for catfishing during a drift? Thanks.
  2. bobs bait

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    north carolina
    i use a sinker called a snake weight it is shotgun shot inside a lenght of parachute cord it works well and most of the time will not hang up i use a small float near my hook to keep the bait out of the mud bobs bait

  3. bluejay

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    Napoleon, Mo.
    I have a friend that uses the bottom bouncers with good luck. I use the pencil weights.
  4. crazyKat

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    i dnt use a special rig. i keep rod in my hand and let the sinker hit bottom then jig it up and back down letting it bounce the bottom. really good way to catch fish when there are active and not active. sometimes they will hit it just to get it out of the way cause u put it right in there face
  5. Mickey

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    I thread 6 1/4 oz sinkers on to a 50# test line tied to a swivel and it works great for drifting or bottom bouncing. If you need more weight just add more 1/4 oz sinkers. It small and comes through rocks and trash well. Pencil sinkers also work well and a lot less work.
  6. ProRocketJP

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    Well with the price of ready-made bottom bouncing rigs at about 3 bucks a piece and don't get me wrong they are nice but when you loose a few you figure out what else works quick.The set-up I use is anywhere from 3-5 oz. flat bank sinker,bead,swivel,leader(length up to you)i use from 6-12 inches depending on where the fish are suspended or tight to the bottom,8/0 heavy Gamagatsu.I use 65lb braid over 40lb mono.leader so if I hang i can pop the leader and just have to replace from the swivel down, I also use a flipping stick 7ft. to feel even the lightest tap then get to hookin'....hope it helps ya!
  7. bsu_catfisher

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    Drifting for cats is my favorite way to go after them. They hammer the bait and it is so exciting.

    My suggestion would be to use a bank sinker with your hook tied further up the line.

    JUG_LINE New Member

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    I make a slinky weight out of 3/8 inch rope with the nylon middle removed i put about 50 common bb's inside which makes it about an ounce. I burn the ends to hold it closed and flatten the ends with pliers while hot. I punch a hole to thread it on the line and add swivel and a three foot leader with a small float about 6 inches from the hook. This gets the bait off of the bottom. But the weight still runs along the bottom and is keeping you at the right depth. You can drift alot of lake without getting hung this way.:wink:
  9. ShilohRed

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    I have some been trying out and think there going to be great for lots of spots.
  10. kottacat

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    You can drift fish from the bank also. I do it on the ohio river. I use a 1oz. lindy rig slip sinker like they use for walleye-then i put large piece of cut bait on and cast out at least 70 yards and drift it down current-sort of like jigging except as it goes away from me i bounce it along the bottom. great technique from a boat or bank.