Bottom bouncers and Bait-walkers

Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by Catmaster, Feb 21, 2006.

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    I have used these a few times in the past and did not do to bad using them. I just wanted to show anyone who has never used them how to rig them for best results.


    Attach a leader of 12 to 24" to the eye of the swivel and a hook. It is often used for fast current. It is almost snag free. The shape of the bait walker keeps your bait close to the bottom. It works the best when casted down stream.


    It is about as same as the BW but the wire goes through the weight another 3-6". This bounces the rig over snags that regular sinkers would get hung up. THIS RIG IS VERY GOOD FOR DRIFTING!!!!! Tie the main line to the front eye and attach the leader to the swivel on top.

    GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!
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    Sounds good but wish you could post a pitcher of the rigs as I think that might help some of us get a better understanding. i have landed on my head a time or 2 jumping out of plains so I get confused at times....LOL