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Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by ncfowler, Oct 20, 2007.

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    With the advent of the lakes being closed due to the low unsafe water conditions and hunting season hot quite her yet, I find myself rather board, I was able to install a second live well pump for my new bait tank but not able to use it. Go figure. I got some new duck hunting decoys and stuff but the season is a month away so once again go figure. I got all my honey do list done and even add a few things too, I only can play fetch so long with the dogs before they get tired of it.

    I know that if we don’t get any real amount of rain soon the waterfowl season will be a bust as well as the winter catfishing season. I was so looking forward to the winter and early spring season.
  2. TDawgNOk

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    Tulsa, Oklahoma
    Jeff, tell ya what ya should do.

    Hook the boat up, hop in your truck and take a road trip. Many states like Oklahoma have had very good rain this year and their lakes are up. Come on over and I'll find the time to take you out on one of the area lakes and let ya catch plenty of fish!

    Heck, they just laugh at me, but maybe they'd bite for an outta stater

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    Greenwood AR.
    I hope you get some rain soon.Last year was dry here. Had a cow in the pond to her tail in mud.not a purtty site.most of the summer the Arkansas river was to high to fish.
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    Your opposite here water is raging...wind blowing and I just shut er down.I dont know how you got the honey do list squashed cause mine just seems to be on steriods growing and growing.....Course you want to help a brother outand are that board....:wink:
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    I hear you Bro.. I love fishing but it is getting too scary to take the new boat out on the water. Around here in Illinois, it is so low that new islands are forming in the lakes. You will be driving the boat and suddenly bottom out.

    A lot of people have broken their skags and props because of the drought. Our new boat's prop blade is already dinged and ripped all over due to the incredible low waters.

    Let's just hope that where some of the states are flooding, it balances out and some of tha thits us dry midwestern states.