Boiling a whole turtle

Discussion in 'Turtle Talk' started by Larry Beever, Jul 29, 2007.

  1. Larry Beever

    Larry Beever New Member

    Indianapolis Indiana
    Hi fellow members! I've been wondering about
    something that I've seen other members have said
    about processing and cooking turtles.They talk about cutting the turtles head off and then boil-
    ing the whole turtle. Why is this?

    I clean my turtles entirely then I parboil the meat
    before I fry it. So I wonder why someone would
    go through the trouble of getting a pot big enough
    to boil the whole turtle.
  2. massa_jorge

    massa_jorge New Member

    hey larry, i guess some folks might have trouble skiining out the neck and legs. i always just skinned em out and then parboiled the meat and then fried it up. can't beat it!