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    With Paul being gone and more BOC brothers being sent overseas, I was wondering if there was anything that we here back home could do to start a thread or something to say, "We are Proud of YOU". A place where we can talk and send messeges directed to those that are overseas and a place were we are able to see exactly whos fighting overseas and where they are stationed. Maybe a seperate forum, made especially for our BOC soliders? Id like to have a place where they can have a daily log in, some what like a journal to type messeges and post pictures and we are able to view and comment. I think this is well deserved and I am hoping that it would be well received. :big_smile:
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    Amy, you may have just started it. I would like to pass along my thanks and offer my prayers for our BOC brothers and sisters in military service. My son joined the Sea Cadets (junior marine corps) just last year and I couldn't be prouder. I would love for him to be able to hear of the experiences, and communicate with our troops overseas. Great idea!

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    I have gotten Pm's from Flatheadhunter33. He is homesick for his wife and kids something dreadful. He has spent 15 years in the Marines and Lord Willing will put in at leat another 5 and then retire. He PM'd me just a few days ago asking for prayers cause he received Official word that his deployment has been extended to January of 08. He said his unit is dreadfully depressed about it. I believe they are very proud of what they're doing but being away from loved ones is very hard and then to find out you will be gone longer than originally told has to be rough.So three cheers for you girl I'd love to see something like this started! To me it's the least we can do!:big_smile: :big_smile:
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    Is there a way to post their address on a thread so we all can write to them???
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    Like was said earlier. The post has been started. Praying for all the BOC brothers and sisters serving our country. Good luck and come home safe so we can go fishin!!
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    Amy, I think this is a wonderful idea!

    However it works out, I will sure support it... even if it's just keeping this thread bumped up to the top. Maybe if each of us who wants to pursue this would subscribe to this thread... and then all our servicemen could do the same? That way everyone could get emailed when there are new posts. Just a thought.

    Thank you for speaking out about this so we can all be sure to keep it a priority, Amy. Sometimes even with the best of intentions, life crowds in on the stuff we all want to keep at the top of our lists. This is definitely something we don't want to let slide.

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    Amy, you have a heart as big as Texas i do believe, this is the most wonderful idea i have seen yet. For those that serve who risk their lives everyday for us, I believe this is the least we can do for them..wish it could be a whole lot more. I think that service families deserve to hear our support for their loved ones serving and they also deserve to feel the support because they are goin through tryin times themselves with their members being in service somewhere or the other. I am not a service wife or mother or daughter, so i dont know what service life is like from personal experience, but I do have friends that are. I believe in the power of a good hug and prayers, and to do this would be like sending out the most powerful hug of all to all of them. My thanks to you Amy for starting this, and yes i consider it started already, it was a wonderful idea. You are truly a blessing yourself. So proud to consider you my sister.
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    Pauls Baghdad Hideaway

    Things are going as well as can be expected. Living conditions during the surge isnt like last time, thats for sure.

    Hoping 15 months fly(s) by, "Who am I kidding"? :roll_eyes:

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  9. Wally

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    Hang in there Brother. God bless you, your family and all Americans involved over in that mahiem.
    We pray that you ALL be home SOON, SAFE and , sound.
    Thank you for YOUR service to OUR GREAT country

    Wally & Pam
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    I agree with this and just wanna add GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!
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    Paul, hope all is well buddy. Keep your arse safe and hurry home.
  12. Mickey

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    To Paul and all of our service men and women. We want to say thank you for serving this great country.I would like to assure you that we are Praying for your safety and soon return.Keep your heads down and your spirits high. May God Bless You and Keep You.
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    Amy thanks for that wonderful thought.My youngest son Jon is with Paul and the 3rd Inf Div in Iraq.They all just have been told that all Army units will stay 15 months instead of 12.This thread will help keep their morale up.I know that one thing my son misses besides his wife and new baby girl is drifting in our boat on Santee.Particularly at night under the stars with a gentle wind pushing us along,only interupted by the hard hitting Blues and Flats.We have had some of our best father and son moments at those times and I miss him dearly.Thanks to all of you wonderful Americans for thinking of your servicemen and women and I am sure they would tell you ,as I will, that we all did our duty for people just like you.:smile2:
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    Amy, once again you've made me glad to be your friend :smile2:. You're an awesome lady. I'm so happy you brought this up, great idea! (And I think you've already received the seal of approval :big_smile:.) We are here for you American/BOC brothers and sisters! Thank you for your service to this great country of ours, I'm proud to say that I know you.
  15. MRR

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    Thank you paul an dthe rest of our Service men/women who is fighting so the rest of us can still be free.You all keep your heads down and stay safe.Hopefully this thing will come to an end and you all can come back home to your familys and loved one. I say prayers for all of you ecahand every night.God bless you all and tahnk you Amy for starting this thread.Good to see Paul put a post up.
    Reps to ya Amy if I can that is. If not at least you know I tried.

    God Bless all our troops !!
    We all love Ya. Stay Safe!!
  16. savage308

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    Being ex military my family and myself greatly appreciate everything you're doing over there. Your in our prayers.

    God bless our troops, and bring them home safe to us!!!!!!!!!
  17. petersoutcats

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    Hang in there Brother Paul, and all the rest of you War Fighters over there. Some things are important in life, and for what you all are doing and risking for US I can't thank you and your families enough.
    "God Bless "Stay Safe" and thank you very very much!
  18. Dano

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    Good Ideal.
    Good Job, stay safe. Thanks
  19. FishMan

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    Boy, does that picture bring back memories. Hang in there Paul.

  20. Dave L

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    This is an awesome Idea, I hope all BOC members that are over seas fighting for our freedom can have the chance to log on periodically. To at least let us know that they are ok.
    Paul thanks for the picture, it helps to humble us all and make us aware of the sacrifices (big and small) that all our soldiers are making for us.
    Again THANK YOU to all in uniform fighting on OUR side.
    Please keep the pics coming.