BOC Needs Your Help !!

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  1. DeerHunter01

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    Please update your profiles with your First Name and Last Name, Along with a City and State.

    Good afternoon:

    The BOC would like to ask member's of this forum to help us out some, we ask all members who have transfered over or who is new to the board please go to your profiles and fill out your information, especially your first and last names.

    We ask member's to please do this when it comes time to add star's to members, or on any contest, its hard to try and figure out who your are, right now we have some members that have changed there user names when they moved here, and if they were in a fish off, it would be very hard to figure out the person.

    When asking for your stars to be added, you need to give us your old user name, and full name, so we don't have to spend hours trying to figure out who is who.

    The Main thing we need right now is:

    Please go to the top left hand side and click on User CP and on the left hand side of the page you will see all the information you need to change your profile and information.

    Name * Last & first
    Location ** State **

    And anything else you would like to fill out. Thanks

    Eric Simcox
    BOC Staff
  2. vacatfish

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    bedford virginia
    Smith m lake
    Thank you for posting that brother. it would really help other members to i was looking at someones profil the other day and was wondering if they was from virginia but they had not put anything in to indacte anything.

    I have seen alot like that and i have been thinking about taking mine off my profile cause if i cant see where someone els is from why would they need to see or need to know where im from.

  3. peewee williams

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    I just got some more info.about me on here (I hope)Most of the instructions I read,have no meaning at all to me.The fault is mine.It just seems that what it takes,is one of the things that I have lost.My Doc.s don,t give me any hope of ever getting it back,and say that it will get worse.Iwould gladly fill out any and all.BUT! I don,t know what it is or how to do it.Things that use to be so easy and simple,are now very hard.Not only in my body,but also in my mind.I hope you will forgive me.I will keep on doing my best,to do things right.I wish I knew how to get my motto on with my name.It is "I AIN;T DEAD,AND I AIN:T QUITTING".peewee-williams
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    Wilson's Mills,nc
    Peewee, on any page , click"user cp"
    2)then click "edit signature"
    That'll take ya to the right area.Then when finished,click,"save changes"
    When ya reload your page it'll show up.