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    Ever heard of someone getting sick a week or so after a fishing trip? Well, I have and so have others.

    We go on a fishing trip and we handle bait, sometimes cut it up in filets or chunks. We take our fish out of the net or lip it and put it in the holding tank or release it. We have a sandwich, hot dog, apple and other treats while we are out fishing. We have a cut or abrasions on our hands or other body parts while we do the foregoing. Also, putting a cig. in your mouth, a dip or a chew we stand the chance of transferring something bad into our system. We all do it.

    Each time we do all of the above and touch our lips, food to our mouths or other body parts, we stand the chance of transferring zoonoses or other types of bacteria to our bodies. These bad bugs come from planton and zooplanton to our bait fish and then to our game fish. It might be a week or several weeks before you notice a swelling in the skin areas that might be affected, your urinary tract might become infected, you notice that you have some noodes that are swollen, you have a low grade fever or just feel like crap. If you notice any of the foregoing you should contact your doctor and advise him/her of your activities.

    The best way to avoid this problem is to eat your food within it's wraper, wear a latex glove if you have a cut or abrasion while you are fishing. And when you get home or a point closer, wash your hands and put some anti-bacteria meds on your cut or abrasions. I don't know what us tobacco folks can do to avoid this problem, shoot craps I guess.

    The foregoing infection does not happen often, but it can and we should do everything we can to avoid it and take note of our own health. Mac
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    Mac its funny that I just now came across this thread. 2 weeks ago I got a really good slice right down the center of my hand and that weekend went out fishin all night. Come Monday i kinda felt the beginnings of a cold...... well that cold turned into strep throat and now Im stuck at home and......cant go fishin, cant go to my bachelor party, cant even hold my baby! I wasnt around anyone thats been sick so I now have a strong feeling that my getting sick may have came from being on the lake! Thanks for the advice Mac

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    As the name implies i am a medic and very well aware of the many types of infections one can get from just about all aspects of our beloved sport. Last year i lost my truck in the little wabash due to a faulty parking brake while loading my boat. Had to get in river neckdeep to hook chain to truck, and cut my leg on a submerged piece of concrete, and four days later I had a temp of 104, lower leg was the size of a watermelon and had to go to emergency room waterborne infections are no laughing matter! I suggest if you end up in the water clean yourself as you never have before and as far as your hands, I would suggest you go down to the local ambulance barn. I buy a box of 100 for less than five dollars and they will have your size, and if you dont want to pay cash, I am very sure they would really like to have a bag of dressed catfish ready to eat! It's amazing what a bag of catfish will get you these days!
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    Great article Mac.
    I just came home from a month in Texas, and I must say I am not the most careful person when it comes to keeping my hands clean while fishing. and just before I left to come home I got deathly sick and had to go to a doctor, and I had a bad urinary tract Infection. He almost put me in the hospital. For a while I thought I was on my way out. Man I can't remember when I have been that sick. Thanks Mac, Now that I know what may have coused it, I bet I change my ways.

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    I have never gotten sick after a day of fishing, but I always end up with one problem. If I handle fish bare handed, any cuts or abrasions on my hand will not heal as quick as normal. I can't say for sure, but I have always thought the water had something to do with it. now, I always wear gloves when handling fish. Some think I'm scared of the fish, and look at me funny, but whatever.