BOC Member Price speaks to the Carolinas Catfish Club

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    Bro. Price spoke to the CCC last night on the subject of targeting trophy catfish. This guy is dedicated to the art of catching the big ones and he has the photo's and videos to prove it. He has a game plan which we should all adapt to our own fishing plan. He is strong on scouting a lake or river for his trophy cat. His dedication to catch and release is almost etched in stone, except that, if he caught a state or world record, he said that he would have to take it out of the water and get it certified. He mentioned the BOC as a great resource for information relating to all types of catfishing and for the exchange of ideas. Several BOC members were there, such as roundhill, mudkip, wyliecat, tomahawk and others that I can't recall their handle/message board name. If and when Bro. Price does a catfish seminar, place it on your must do list, the knowledge that you gain will improve your skills and outlook on trophy catfishing. He had this old cat writing down a bunch of stuff to digest at a later date. Good job Bro. Price and thanks for sharing.
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    I want to thanks Mac, the former CCC president, for his comments. I think the sport of catfishing will continue to grow as we help each other and learn new things. As long as we all practice catch and release on trophy cats the fishing will only get better.

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    That is what It is all about. Thanks for practicing CPR and getting the word out.
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    Good report.
    Philip if you ever get to Florida I would love to hear you speakon your ideas on Cat Fishing.
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    Mr. Philip Price,
    Your attendance and participation is requested at the next National Gathering. Will have lecture venue available. Bring films and or slide show and plenty of material to hand out. I can help with seating and turn off the lights.:lol: :lol: :big_smile:
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    Yeppers, I'm with Jack, bring it on. We'll be there.