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BOC Get Together

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Hello Eastern Missouri Catsters. Anyone up for a get together out on the Mississippi the first week of September for the holiday. Thought it might be neat to meet some of the guys and maybe catch some big fish. How bout it Bill, Kutter, Cyrus and others?
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I'm all for it. Lets pick the date real quick though. I have to submit what day to take off for the holiday, in a few days. My normal days off are Tus and Wed, and do not get the actual holiday off like most folks.
Truman Boat Ramp down at Rush Island would be a good location. Being a holiday weekend though, might be a lot of folks already there.
Lets do it Kutter. Maybe the moderators can help us promote the EVENT. I'll have my September schedule tomorrow, and I'm pretty sure I'll be off the first week of September so I'm pretty flexible. Maybe we can do it on a Tuesday so you dont have to use up a sick day. It would be nice to get a few boats together. I'd like to meet all you guys. As well, I'd like to get a fishing group together of all of us Eastern Missouri Guys. We could be called the Whisker Whackers. What do you think?
Let me know soon as well because im up for it right now but things can change with me real quick sometimes
Kewl. I'll try and have a date by tomorrow. Whats best for everyone? Like I said I'm pretty flexible. Anything between the first and the sixth is fair game. Kutter?
Well, you know I'd go for the 6th. If we do it on Tuesday, won't be narry a soul but us there. We could build one heck of a bonfire along the river, with all those logs pilled up.
Once you settle on a date, let me know and I'll add it to the calendar.
Great Jholl. Your quite a drive from where we are. With gas at 3 bucks a gallon Missouri ******** would certainly understand if you didnt want to join us. The more the merrier. Look for a date to be determined tomorrow.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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