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BOC Arcade

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New Arcade Game:

Give it a try, did you know if you have the high score on a game, whenever you post, a small image is placed in your post crowning you BOC Champion.

Report any errors by Trouble Ticket.

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Thanks Paul. Pretty fun game and since I am probably the first guy to play almost, I actually got the high score. At least until Tea gets on here and runs it up a few hundred thousand, lol.
LOL, We will have to watch Tea, maybe lock him out for a while ;)

Also another one just went up, have a go at it.

Gives me something to do in the office. Have to see what score I can set. LMAO
The arcade games are pretty fun, thanks for the addition! :p
Tea, you have to play blindfolded.

All I can say is that fishing looked a lot like my real fishing lately, lots of reeling but nothing in the boat :(
Guess I'll have to check it out, give it a try when I get more time. I've never been good at video games. LOL. Maybe my wife will sign up and play. She's better at them than I am.
I do like SOF puter game.
Wonder who has that?? Got to head to Zanesville, yall will have some time to practice. LMAO
thanks for putting a fishing game on here paul now we can say we are a complete fishing website and then some lol keep the great ideas coming!
Shucks, I can not get that helicopter off the ground!! :cursing:
I did catch a few fish. not enough to brag about. :eek:
Thanks paul for the arcade still trying to catch center12's score in asteroids see if i challenge him again, he put up both of those right after are match. Wonder how much fishing and helicopter lessons run though. LOL
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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