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    i have recieved a few of these missing child emails in the past year and we have had
    discussion on the board about starting an amber alert but i dont know what ever happened
    to this plan . POWERS THAT BE if there is a section about these please move this post to it and omit this message .
    if not then lets start posting these in a section here in general or wherever it would appropriately fit and omit this message and put a differant message stating what this is all about. i think its a good idea to have this here as we have a large number of people from all over that are out and about routinely . please clic on the link below for this little girls
    picture and information. very sad .

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    Yes that is very sad.. especially since the guy commited suicide. probably from overwhelming guilt from what he may have done to that sweet little girl. What in the world is going on in these peoples heads when they do something like this? maybe they should make torture a fitting punishment for these people when caught. watching a man totally skinned and salted in public might deter would be abducters. a death sentence is nothing 20 years of free meals, then a painless death. a skinning knife, a good pair of pliers and a lot of rock salt would be much cheeper on the taxpayers also.

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    Mark Ill agree with you to a point, this stuff always happened it just now gets alot of media coverage. Take Bundy and Gacy who did it in the 70's, Ed Gein who did it in the late 40's - 50's.
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    They didn't give alot of details or at least if they did I didn't catch all of em but anyway some guy took his kids to McDonalds and let them eat and I presume play,then took I believe they said he had 3 kids,out to the woods and shot all of them to death. I am sorry if I posted this in the wrong place but all I could do is GASP!!! What is wrong with these folks,how could a parent muder his own kids?Yet you hear of this evil happening on a frequent basis. Like DRC said it is so :sad2::sad2::sad2:Sister Powell
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    I am all for anything which may return kidnapped women/children to an appropriate control. However, in my opinion, an amber alert is to only be issued immediately after the abduction in order to get it to the public's attention. After a period of time, the amber alert sort of fades away. That's where the help is needed. Sure, milk cartons help, but I would think threads on all the chat boards would help immensley. Not just the B.O.C. So, once the abduction has aged some, it still needs to be called something, just not the amber alert... get my drift or am I explaining it all wrong... maybe a pop-up on pages like Yahoo or Google would help....