bobbers at night

Discussion in 'Flathead Catfish' started by slikk03, Jun 24, 2008.

  1. slikk03

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    why does every body use lip bober in shllo water, im goina try a light up bobber sussped 8 feet in alot of submerged trees, i think it will prouduse a big one
  2. just a redneck

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    i tried them and never had much luck with anything but i mainly fish in spillways so i never set them for more than 4 ft might have better luck going deeper but i am also learning how to be better catfisherman so i would listen to the guys that have been here a while this is just my opinion

  3. JAinSC

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    South Carolina
    Sounds like it should work.

    Slip floats are better for setting kind of deep, since you can't really cast with a lot of line hanging below a fixed bobber. Like I think you said you wanted to set a bait 8 feet below the float. It would be pretty tough to cast with 8 feet of line hanging below the float.

    I'm thinking about trying a float to drift a bait across a sand flat or along a channel edge. Some really good fish have come from out on the sand flat lately, and I was wondering if it would be worth drifting the flats. I think I might just put a float on and set it to just a tiny bit deeper than the water and then lob it upstream and let the float drag the bait slwoly across the flat.
  4. whisker maniac

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    Slip floats help for casting and easily setting the depth that you want to fish and you can put glow stiks on them so you can see them at night.

    To cast a fixed float at a depth like you are talking about you will probably hook yourself when you try and cast it.

    On drift fishing the sand flat you have a good idea but I think I would make sure the bait barely touches bottom from time to time or have it just up off bottom. This will create more movement and still give time for the fish to see it and probably see it better if not laying flat on the bottom and dragging.
  5. Jaylake_21

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    I have fished with a fixed lighted bobber with a minnow as bait, about 3 foot under the bobber, and have done good with cats. I havent caught any HUGE KING KONG MONSTERS, but have been happy.