Bob and Tom on the radio?

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by Catcaller, Oct 24, 2005.

  1. Catcaller

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    Does anybody else out there listen to Bob and Tom on the radio? They come on with the rerun of the previous day at 5 am and the new show at 6. I work the midnite shift and get off work at 7 am. I always turn up my headset radio at 5 am and keep my head down because thats when the dayshift bosses start showing up. Some of the stuff they come up with is hilarious. Like donnie Baker and Mr. Obvious. There are a few comedians that have become favorites. I like the guy that does the Hot Pocket bit. "Now you can have hot pockets for pockets for lunch...and be dead by dinner" Then there's the animal conspiracy theory guy. "What role do squirrels play in the animal conspiracy against humans? Surveilance obviously!" Then there's the guy that talks about how you're supposed to play dead when being attacked by a bear. "I suppose the bear is sitting there eating you thinking...what does this guy think I'm going to do? Stop eating him? I'm hungry!" Then there's the guy that talks about how that once you say I love you to your significant never can end a sentence to her without it being "I love You". His take on the first time you say it to her..." When you look into her eyes..and say I love you...she rubs her hands together, her eyes squint, and a diabolical look spreads across her face and she says...EEXXXCCCELLLENT! her best Star Wars emperors voice."
    Then there's my favorite...Timmy Wilson. Church league softball fist fight is hilarious.
  2. Dreadnaught

    Dreadnaught New Member

    You forgot the most important one "The Mister Obvious Show" , LMAO!!! Yes these guys are great! I have several of their CD's!!!!

  3. Catcaller

    Catcaller New Member

    My favorite Mr. obvious is when the caller lost his cabin on the lake. It was gone when he went back the following spring. His ICE FISHING CABIN...Lol. The one about the critter stuck in the garbage disposal was great too. And also the sump pump one was hilarious...Lol.
  4. Marshallmth

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    Dayton Ohio Area
    B&T is definitely the thing to listen to in the morning. And the only time I don't listen to them is in the summer "The Best of Bob and Tom" only because I have all their CDs. My fav. Mr.Obvious is the Oven cleaner one with "Get Off oven cleaner."
  5. Whistler

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    One of our shops used to have them on the radio in the morning. LOL Funny stuff. But I used to ask one of the guys in there if he thought his kids might be at home listening to it while getting ready for school? LOL He didn't even like the thought of that!! LOL
  6. sal_jr

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    Ithaca, MI
    Love the show. Got the t shirt.

    I was on the show- 2nd or 3rd hour oct 9 2004. I was a fix the joke bay-bee guy for bob zany's report.

    I am a huge fan of the show.

    Theyre very talented comedians. As well as their guests.

  7. VerotiK

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    Harrison, Arkansas
    I love B&T. I dont get to listen to them as often as i used to, but i do get to listen for about 10 minutes on my way to work. They are great. I like Donny Baker..."Shuddup Raandy!"
  8. catchinghogs

    catchinghogs Well-Known Member

    Yes good show to get the day going Mr. Obvious with the guy who hires the carptner good stuff
  9. rodpod

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    Evansville, Ind
    I SWEAR TO GOD I LISTEN TO BOB AND TOM. LOL. I used to have a 40 minute drive to work and would listen every morning. I still listen to it every morning but since the FCC made everything PG13 it hasnt been as good. Donnie Baker is my favorite. I like the one where he sells a hose and an address of someone who just got gas.
  10. capt.kirk

    capt.kirk Guest

    if you get up in the morning,not in very good spirits,tune them in they will
    brighten up your day,very funny,sometimes a little on the off color side,
    i guess they should do like larry the cable guy and say,forgive me lord,and
    feed those starving pygmys :happy:
    KIRK :D

    JERMSQUIRM New Member

    listen to them in the morning going to work. ide say timmy wilson is one of my fav's. lmao. i head to work around 6am. that donnie baker. :D funny crap.
  12. eggman

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    Jefferson City, Missouri
    Bob and Tom are hilarious, when i hear some of their wacky songs they stick in my mind for days, like the "wiper" song, or "orange barrels", "one eyed gal" and the french toast tune. One of their funniest bits was the Harry Cary impersonation when he calls a baseball game back in jeruselum when jesus was

  13. Catcaller

    Catcaller New Member

    Yeah...the afterlife world series. Harry Carry says..."Holy Cow!!! Jesus just hit a 4 run bases empty grandslam. That's the 2 nd miracle this week by the savior." Then there's Harry introducing the devils line up..."Here we have the 13 new Al Qaeda terrorists from 9/11...and boy do they look suprised!"
  14. ooks

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    Dunkirk IN
    Love Bob and Tom have listened to them since they started. They all ways have some great guests on the show. Used to love to listen to Harry Carey on the show. Then there was Marge Schott to, got to love the Mr. Obviouse show. I guess one of my favorites is Dear Penis song LOL. Ooks
  15. Mark J

    Mark J New Member

    Four Oaks, NC
    Never been much on radio comedy. After they been on awhile they have to scrape the bottom of the barrel subjecting themselves to becoming more stupid then the people they try to portray.

    I listen to talk radio if a radio is on. I prefer to remain in a real life setting.
    I've been enjoying listening to what the prospective mayors have to say about the city of Fayetteville and the various interviews with people of interest.
  16. FS Driver

    FS Driver New Member

    i rarley listen to them although i have like some of there stuff
    i listen to talk radio too but my favorite show went off in the morning and now aires in the afternoon.
    ktrs big 550 AM IN THE PM frank opinion and the large morning show.
    these guys make my day in the afternoon.
    i listen to stve and dc a little bit but they started crybaby bickering on aire and would actually like get their feeling hurt and there was long silences on the aire
    hahahahaha i stopped listen to them after that and thats when i found out about bob and tom ,
    seems like an aweful lot of forced laughter though so i just keep it on 550
    and hope for the best.
    am i a stick in the mud or what? lol
  17. Rainman4u2

    Rainman4u2 Guest

    "I wear the pants in this family, when I'm done with the laundry...."
    I'll go out and drink and watch sports when I'm ready to sleep on the couch...."

    Love those guys. The best was Chick's prostate exam.