Boats at the River and Launching

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    Where are the best most easily accesible ramps to launch from in the Colorado River near Blythe/ They must be easy for a partially injured person to launch from without needing a four wheel drive. RiverBud can you help me with this? Thanks LDJ:confused2:
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    Hi Jonathan,
    I there's a boat ramp at Riviera Blythe Marina, just off I-10 in Ca, first, or last exit in CA, Haven't used it recently, so, not real familiar with it, but, you do ,launch into a lagoon, and not the main channel.

    Also, at McIntyre's campground/RV park, they have a nice boat ramp and facilities, into a lagoon, so, you're not fighting current! It was $10.00 a couple of weeks ago..

    There's others but, I'm not familiar w/ them,