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Discussion in 'OHIO RIVERS TALK' started by CatHunter24, Apr 12, 2009.

  1. CatHunter24

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    Dayton, Ohio
    For any of you guys that fish the GMR i was wondering how deep the water is up above the west carrollton low head dam, around there and up to marina drive and dryden? I know it is really shallow below the dam and through miamisburg and middletown, but I think I have seen ski boats and PWCs on the water above the low head dam. I was thinkin about fishin this area from a boat but was worried about the depth and killin a prop. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Also if anyone can tell me the avg depth of the river down around Hamilton as well.
  2. TheRiverRat

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    I fish the hamilton part alot and i think it is only about 12-14 ft ... it shouldnt be a problem......RAT

  3. Monsterkat11

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    you should be ok above the west carrolton dam, haven't put in there myself yet but know others who have. i guess people were having problems last year with a ledge on the river road boat ramp tearing up their trailers (literally destroying them) i'm not sure if they've fixed it yet so i'd probably say west carrolton. hopefully someone else can chime in that has more experience with that particular ramp
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    SW Ohio
    I would put in at the WC ramp by the lowhead and as you head up, most of that pool is 6-8 ft deep. A few deeper spots and a few much shallower so the fisrt few times there, be very careful where Holes creek dumps in, ( stay way West) and above the 2nd ramp are 2 very shallow spots that are like trolling motor only to get across to make it to the sewage plant, above that is a get out and walk kind of riffle unless really high water so you are best to stay in the pool itself and no go above upper ramp if your wanting to be safe. BTW the fishing there all last year totally sucked... ( seriously) we struggled to get hardly any channels out of there all summer and fall. Hamilton might be a beter gig and you actually have some flatheads down there as well.
    Very few in fact in about 50 trips there, I have never taken one at WC. I live about 10 minutes away so if you ever want to check out conditions or see if the ramps are open, ( they always close them in high water) give me a PM