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  1. capt.kirk

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    what are your opnions on useing a 1990 HURRICANE DECK BOAT 18FT 90 HP
    as a catfish boat?it is 18 ft long a little over 8 ft wide,pleanty of railing
    to add rod holders,seating can be arranged to suit,enough storage,if there
    is such a thing,also has lowrance finder.looks to me like it would work ok
    what do you think??? need input by this coming monday.i have a special
    edtion nitro in mint condition,i refuse to sling stinkey stuff,liver and so on
    in it. :confused:
  2. bearcat

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    Nokomis, Illinois
    Hey Captkirk. IMHO a cat boat is what you make out of it. I have a Pontoon and love it. A deck boat is alot like a toon in the fact that they both have lots of room. The deck boats advantage of course is speed. I think it would make a great cat boat.

  3. Bobpaul

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    That boat would work out very well, but please spend the money to get it checked out by a professional of your choice, before you buy it. It will be a small investment that could save you a big headache.

    TIM HAGAN New Member

    If you set up it for the way you fish for cats it will be a great cat boat for you. everybody does and sets thing up different sound like it has lots of room for rod holders move seat to fit your needs. get it checked out and set it up. wish you all the best enjoy your cat boat
  5. Phil Washburn

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    Shawnee OK
    kirk that sounds like a great fishing boat....can i go fishing with you? :crying:
  6. capt.kirk

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    for your opinions great input,yes PHIL you can go fishing with me any time.
    i am happy to here that you brothers agree,i purchased it yeastery before
    i asked this question,i did make 1 error in my info it is 16 ft not 18,it has
    already been checked out ,i bought it from a dealer friend of mine who had
    taken it in on a trade,it also has a nice galvinized trailor,they are cleaning it
    up for me to pick up this coming week. i will take to tarpon lake and run it
    then start to arrange things the way the WIFE wants,also if i dont like it
    after testing, money comes back to me,he is a great dealer to buy from
    i worked for him part time selling boats when i first came to florida.i just
    talked to my son in law in indiana this morning,with selling information on
    my NITRO,it is a 1995 rick clunn edition with 60 hp motor,it is loaded with
    all the goodys,and will trim out and run 42 to 45 mph with a full tank of gas
    and 2 people aboard.the motor has about 27 hours on it,and has never been
    in salt water,the interior and sparkle finish is like brand new,it has always
    been garage kept when not using.THANKS FOR YOUR INPUT ON THIS.
    KIRK :thumbsup:
  7. capt.kirk

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    here are my plans for setting this boat up for catfishing,i will be mounting
    a 42lb thrust hand control trolling motor on the front.will remove bass seats
    from the front,replace them with 2 round base waterproof patio chairs,did
    this in a small lund and man are they comfortable,spaceing them out on the
    front of the live well,can just swivel around and net bait when useing live
    bait.set small cooler in front of live well for other bait.there is room behind
    the console for a self inflating air mattress.the wife can go to sleep if its
    a long nihgt.she is going to add velcro to the bimmini top so she can hang
    curtians to hang down on the sides,should keep it warm and stop the wind.
    the rhino liner dealer has agreed to spray the deck at cost in exchange for
    advertising space on the sides,and will pay $50.00 toward entry fees to
    tournaments we choose to go to.if i am careful what i spend on extras i will
    have under $4700.00 invested in this project boat.also when it comes time
    to go to a gathering,should be able to pull in among the campers,unhook the
    tow vehicle and join the party.some people name there boats,some dont.
    i think i will just name this one HOME. :D