Boat Water Pump Problems??

Discussion in 'Boat Tips' started by catfishslayer, Sep 17, 2006.

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    I have a 25 hp suzuki outboard im having problems when i first start up my motor the stream of water that comes out the back for my water pump doesnt come out right away and ive changed the water pump and the water pumping housing when it starts spraying the stream seams pretty strong when you give it a little gas but at idle it gets weak.I have also tried clean out the hole were the water comes out with a wire it doesnt seam to be running hot you can put your hand in front of the stream of water pretty warm....
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    It will naturally push out more water when the engine rpm is increased. Have you checked/replaced your thermostat recently ?

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    water shoud start to come out after 15 seconds at most to be safe. My motor is a 90 Johnson and it starts after about 6 seconds my dads is a 115 merc and his takes 13 to 14 seconds but is fine. And your stream will be stronger when moving at higher RPM's. and you shound replace your water pump every two years (recomended by boat dealers/shops)
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    i have a 150 merc that i just changed the water pump on it took about 5 secs. for the water to come out
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    You might get a more educated (as far as your perticular motor) answer if you ask in the boat repair section of the board. ie. I have a 115 and it takes at least 1 minute for the motor to open the thermostat. And some open in less time.Also I had a 15 hp that didn't even have a thermostat.

    My marine mechanic had me do a little "test" to see if I was infact overheating.
    He told me to take off the cowling and run it in a barrel. With the motor running fling a very small amount of water on the head. If it just evaporates off the head it was not "too hot". But If it appeared to be boiling off the head there would be a problem and to bring it in. He also told me that he is not liable if I messed up my motor doing that "test".

    I would recomend that you ask Bob and Bubba since they have more knowledge of motors than the avg guy.

    Good luck.