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Discussion in 'Boating Stories' started by gebs, Mar 25, 2006.

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    Hello all,

    I'm on my second boat and was wondering what kind of boats are people running, and how they're set-up?

    Personally I'm running a Lowe 16.5' aluminum mod-v w/ a Johnson 50hp Jet w/ a 60lb. troller on the bow. I've got 2 rod holders off the stern and 2 to port w/ anchors on the starboard side; one at the bow and one at stern. The jet lets me run in 6" on full plane:) .

    My 1st boat was a 14' glass tri-hull w/ a 15hp. Merc.
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    Pataskala, Ohio
    I have a Lowe 1648 Big Jon boat with a 9.9 Nissan outboard, which with the parts I got, I will be upgrading it to a 15 hp. I have 10 rod holder, 4 port side, 4 starboard side and 2 on the transom. I have a 55lb thrust Maxxom MinnKota trolling motor (transom mount)mounted on the bow of the boat where there is a small deck to stand on. There is a live well made in the center seat. I had a floor put in it from the factory so you can put full size camp fold out chairs in it. One in the front and one in the rear and the live well between us. Makes drifting for cats great! I just got a deck built for it that sets on the gunnels in the front of the boat for bowfishing. It sets up about 8" above the gunnels. I will be mounting 6-500 watt lights to it and running them with a 5250 watt genny. I guess I just use the boat for several different types of fishing. ;)

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    New York
    I'm running an 18' alum. with a 110 hp I/O. I have it rigged with two rod holders on the port and two on the starboard side as well as two out the aft end of the boat. I may rig a couple more but better then 1/2 the time I fish alone and this is enough for anybody, I think. I also have one of those factory motor mounts on the rear for a small kicker to troll slow or get me back if the main one has any problems.
    I have a 24 pontoon boat with a 70 hp 3 cycle Force outboard on it. I usually equipt this with several clamp-on rod holders as i need with 3 rods holdres on the back deck. This is a great boat for walking and stretching your back and legs and has plenty of room for livewells which are built into the drivers seat and well as portable live wells for either fish or livebait as needed. That lounge in the back is a great place to snooze if I stay out to late as well.
    There is a 14' flat bottom as well with a 5hp kicker for the times I won't be going to long as my back is not happy in it.
    Of them all I like the 18 footer as it is big enough but not as heavy as the pontoon boat and a lot lighter to haul to S. Carolina from upstate NY. I just need company most of the time.
    Keep your lines wet.
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    bath pa
    im stuck in a kayack for my boat but that why i have parents!
    my day runs a 20' center console robalo with a 200 horse, we were having a problem with the lower unit and we normaly ether run a small river (delaware river) with lots of rocks and rapids or a shallow bay (indian river bay) with lots of sand bars so we just boght a jet unit off of ebay. not sure how it will work but we should beable to run in just 2 feet of water or so.