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    I was wondering...a matter of preference or common decide...

    I want to get a bigger boat for river fishiing(I currently use a little 9' bass hunter with a 3.5 mariner) but, not sure of the type I should go with. I love the deep V hulls like the lunds/smokercrafts but not sure if its compatialbe in the river you know with the shallow spots and boulders etc. I have access to a Grumman flat bottom which was my late is it flat bottom only in rivers or is the v bottoms ok to use?
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    Ware Shoals, SC
    I can only put what I know, so this may not help you at all.

    I've only fished the Arkansas river south of little rock to south of pine bluff in Arkansas. in certain places in this area, if you TRY to take a V bottom, you're done for, it will rip the hull open. There are so many shallow rock dikes, and you can't see them until you are already ON them. Don't get me wrong, there are many places V bottoms CAN go, but many that they can't as well, such as my old favorite catfishing spot. You would destroy a V bottom even TRYING to get to that place.

    This is only my thoughts, because I've seen too many people tear up their boats on the Arkansas River... If your river has the shallow rock dikes, definately go with the flatbottom, as you can get to more places.

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    Mike you might look into Carolina Skiff. They make some boats that will float and run in less than 6 inches of water.
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    I use a big flat bottom and if I were to get another boat tomorrow it would be
    another flat bottom only 18'. I am not saying its the perfect boat it has it flaws
    a flat bottom will beat you to death in rough water but its a good stable fishing
    platform and can take shallow water very well. A semi-V is not as stable it
    feels like it wants to roll when the weight distribution changes because of the
    shape of its bottom and it draws alot more water than a flat bottom but it does
    have a good smooth ride in rough water. If you notice on TV on the big lakes
    where waves and rough water are the norm they use almost all big semi-Vs.
    It just depends on the type of water you plan to fish.
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    Flatt bottom all the way ...its everymans fishin boat safe tough & dependable...everey barge I see has one to save the crew:wink:It does have its dissadvantages but a universal soldier it is:wink:
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    Depends on the river that you are fishing! Deep V's do great in the deep water bodies. I have one and I am limited to bigger water, but that is what I prefer anyway so that is fine with me. If you are fishing small or shallow water I would stick with the flatbottom that you have access too!
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    Flat bottoms biggest disadvantage is that it doesn't do rough water as well as a V. However for most smaller water, its hard to beat in every other respect.
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    Well sence you are in Indiana and if you are going to fish the Ohio river either boat will do. Long and wide is the way to go at least 16' long and wide which gives you stability when moving around.