Boat traffic and fish

Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by samh, Jul 4, 2006.

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    With the One thing I've wondered, with the numbers of boats churning the water from Friday afternoon til Sunday night, I wonder how much higher the oxygen content is on Sunday night or Monday compared to Thursday and Friday?
    I've alway caught more fish during the first part of the week and wrote it off to the fish coming out to eat after being hid all weekend, but I wonder if the oxygen content of the water could have anything to do with it, too.
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    Could well be oxygen in the lakes.As a kid fishing in some of the clearer waters around Florida's many docks,I noticed that the fish got used to heavy constant boat traffic,and pretty much ignored it.They never seemed to get use to the occasional traffic and always seemed to spook.Motor or manual seemed to make no difference.Yea,there was a lot of "Oar and paddle" propelled boats back then.peewee-williams

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    Vinita, Oklahoma
    I don't know about the oxygen, but one of the places we fish is a boat ramp and do pretty good.

    They don't mind if we fish the ramp as long as we move when they want to load or unload a boat.

    After they get the boat loaded or unloaded, we cast our poles back out and they hit like normal.

    I think they get used to certain noises and stuff like that and it doesn't bother them much?