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    boy, is it inposible to get a title for a old v-bott. boat or what? thay say i need to get a not. bill of sale from the last reg. owner but the guy is fishin at the big river in the sky! and it has changed handes 2 more times so what is a man to do? i think i will just find a old title for a boat about the same size and make (16' alum. v-bott) and use that to get a new one in my name. any help or suggestion would be great.
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    There has to be a legal solution to your problem. If the previous owner is now deceased, someone had to be an executor of his estate, and his property was probably passed on to surviving spouse or children. Locate these people and get a notarized bill of sale from them, as they would have became the legal owner. The state is not trying to make it difficult for you... how would you like to have your boat stolen and the state issue a new title to the thieves based strictly on their say-so. I am in the same situation on a boat from Texas. Got to do the same things, but its' all long distance. lol. be patient.

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    I've had the same problem here in Iowa. Ended up I had to tell them it was homemade. They questioned me but I told them my dad made it and it's been on a private pond so it never had to be registered but I want to use it on public waters now so I have to register it. Did the same thing with the trailer.
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    hey crazy,
    I had to deal w/ this last year. I went to the dept. of lic. over on lincoln in okc.They gave me the # of the guy to come inspect the boat,he inspected it,along w/ a canoe,and gave me a new # for the boat and at that time i was able to get a title and a registration.
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    I went through the whole process last year with the ol' V-bottom I had given to me.It had sit in my step sister's field forever.You have to go by a tag office they will give you the # to call to get a inspector to come out and look at a boat.Thats all the guy that came out did-it was about 2weeks and he called and came by.He will varify that thier isn't a vin# on the old boat-if thier is then they will have to run the # to make sure it's not stolen.In my case it was just old and rotting in a field,a complete fixme-up.He issued me a vin # and Igot it tagged.It wasn't as big a deal as I thought it was going to be.Any tag office should be able to get you started. Keystone4 or Bust!:big_smile: