Boat stereos.

Discussion in 'Boat Tips' started by bigblaze, Jun 5, 2006.

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    I'm thinking about installing a stereo and two speakers in my 19' center console. I know some stereo systems can cost mucho big bucks... or as little as a couple 100 bucks.

    I was looking for some feed back on experience between brands and the ability to withstand the weather.....i know the difference between water proof and water resistance. The boat is used mainly in fresh water and under a carport when not in use.

    I'm looking at one from bass Pro it's $139. It has am/fm/cd/ and most important a weather band. The price seems fair but i need some feed back...Thanks!
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    Hey John,
    The speakers are one of the most important. The normal ones are just paper cone speakers. A "marine" style will have coated cones.
    The stereo it's self should come with a cover . Just make sure the backside is somewhat sealed to keep out mosisture.

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    Sorry to take your question in a different direction but do stereo systems on boats have any effect on fish? i.e. scaring them away etc? Sorry John, Ive been wondering this for a while...