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Discussion in 'Boating' started by orion_xxvx, Mar 16, 2008.

  1. orion_xxvx

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    North Central Missouri
    If a guy was to buy a boat these days is there a most versatile size for use on big rivers as well as lakes? What size boat length x width and hp motor do you suggest? And what type anchor works the best.
  2. Wabash River Bear

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    You say big rivers and lakes, I would suggest a welded 1860 minimum, with as big a motor as allowed by the manufacturer. As far as anchor types are concerned, it depends on the bottom type and conditions of the water you fish most. Most anchor weights are rated by boat lenth. Hope this helps a bit. Good luck.

  3. metalman

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    To follow on from what Barry said, you have to consider where you will use the boat. A deep vee is a good option for big rivers and lakes but if, just one time a year, you want to take a trip on a shallower river then a big john boat would be a better choice. It would be OK in the bigger waters and give you the shallow draft to get into the skinnier water...W
  4. Wolfdog

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    I have had both .flats and v bottem and I agree with metalman.
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    FLAT BOTTOM-minum requierments for me is 14 ft and 9.9 on the Sippi here,I have a 15ft 15hp lowe jon and it is prety dang just aint fast.....I dont do alot of lakes but I can get trailer tires in the water I can about go anywhere......With a flat you have a rougher ride ....there is some compramises but I dont have any desire to own anything other then a flatbottom........I want to be able to use it...ang get the most out of it!
    I know guys that own v bottoms and they say they wont own anything else.Its all personal preferance and what yer gonna do.How universal do you want to be and what kind of waters are you gonna fish?
  6. catfishbills

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    I have been on the Mississippi in a 15ft john boat and have felt comfortable. It also fished comfortable on small lakes! I would want the size motor that the boat is rated for! I do know people that used to fish BIG water with a 14ft and a 9.9 motor, but times have changed for sure! I now have a 19'10" bayboat for the river and my 15/50 legend craft with a 50hp Yamaha tiller for my small stuff. The BIG boat has a 15degree deadrise and the Legend has a 6degree modified v (deadrise runs all the way to the transom) Not a flat bottom that has a v frontend! I have duck hunted in less than a foot of water in this boat and had it on the Mississippi behind some up-stream barges and NEVER got wet! You MUST use GOOD sense when using a MARGINABLE boat on the big stuff! Hope this helps.:wink: