Boat Rod Holder for Transportation

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    After going to Bass Pro Shop yesterday, I saw some cheaply made rod holders out of plastic that cost a premium! I was shocked and that made me make my own. The purpose of these are to save space in the boat while traveling on the lake or river. It also helps when baiting and changing out lures, tackle, or removing fish.

    This boat rod holder cost roughly 5-10 bucks each. I have 2 for my boat, one for the front and one for the back, as it is a bass boat converted. Here is what it looks like.... further on I will break down what it takes to build one.


    Base plate was found with the galvanized threaded pipe. Screw base plate to boat deck.

    Pipe is ¾” X 10” Galvanized pipe. Found back with the gas piping in plumbing section.

    2 conduit locknuts that fit the threaded pipe.

    The PVC was some I had laying around the house. It is a 2” Schedule 40 PVC.



    I cut the PVC to 34” long. Started drilling holes 2” from end and added one every 6” to the center of the next hole. This particular holder will hold 6 rods. Hole size depends on thickness of rod handles. I have different thicknesses, so I customized my holes to fit my rods.

    Insert the pipe through the bottom portion of the PVC pipe.
    Start threading the first of two ¾” rigid conduit locknuts on the pipe. Finish inserting the pipe through the top of the PVC. Secure the second locknut on the pipe.

    This method will allow you to remove the holder during long travels. I leave the base plate screwed to the boat and simply screw on my rod holder once I get to my fishing hole.

    I also use these bases for a 'fishing rod holder' that are very similar to what was made above. Instead of the pve tube, I used steel square stock and put 2 driftmasters on it. It also has the same pipe that screws into the same exact base plate. This way, behind me I have the above and in front of me is the drift master. I will post my driftmaster fishing rod holder later when I have more time.

    Happy fishing!