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Discussion in 'Boat Repair Help' started by cliff n york, Mar 15, 2008.

  1. cliff n york

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    south carolina
    i bought a boat that is a mess in reguard to its wireing. can anyone explain how to rewire this boat, i know this asking a lot. but we have no articles in the library covering this
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    Blaine, Washington
    There is a post about colors for marine wiring some where, I have seen it. Don't worry too much about adhering to the color chart I didn't and the "boat police" haven't arrested me yet. If you have a motor on this boat with factory wiring save it ,label it , dont loose it. As far as the rest of the boat, get a pair of wire cutters and start over. Boaters world has online pictures of fuse blocks , switches , power posts, etc. Grab a cup of coffee climb into the boat and plan how many circuits you need. Measure the length from dash to battery add a foot or so , better yet get a piece of string a run it from here to there then measure the string. I ran a 10ga. + & - from the battery to a power terminal under the dash then branched off from that. Dont get in a hurry, plan what you are going to do. Good luck Jerry

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    :big_smile:I like the string idea.If I would of thought I wouldnt of hade to run back to the store for three feet.